Which upgrades do i NEED to have everyone survive the suicide mission?

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  3. Which upgrades do i NEED to have everyone survive the suicide mission?

User Info: Gamer-Chris

7 years ago#1
Maybe it's too much to ask, but can anyone post a small list of all the stuff i need to have everyone survive?.. Not the decisions i should make or anything like that, just the ship and crew upgrades i NEED to survive. I don't want to waste resources on things that won't help me in the last mission.

These are the upgrades i've bought..

Advanced Mineral Scanner
Heavy Ship Armor
Multicore Shielding
Thanix Cannon

Are upgrades for crew members needed for them to survive?

User Info: TheGreenBeast

7 years ago#2
U just need to do all the loyality missions. If the character is not loyal by the last mission he prolly will not survive.

User Info: Gamer-Chris

7 years ago#3
So crew member upgrades don't give them a higher chance of survival?

User Info: jackacid

7 years ago#4
I too read that ship upgrades are necessary, but can't confirm.
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User Info: Executionersw11

7 years ago#5
Definitely the loyalty missions and I can see the ship upgrades being helpful. As for the party or weapon upgrades I always just thought they helped and weren't necessarily needed.
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User Info: SkytheWiz1

7 years ago#6

I have been to the end...
and the gun and shield upgrades DO count for something, as they are referenced multiple times as you're being piloted to hell.

Get them.

User Info: Gamer-Chris

7 years ago#7
Alright, i will. Thanks.

User Info: DontEatCream

7 years ago#8
The upgrades and the loyalty missions are important, yes, but they're not the whole story. There's plenty of people on this board (myself included) who did all that stuff and still had squad mates die at the end. So far, people have been discussing a few other things that can influence the survival rate of the final mission, stuff like getting character exclusive upgrades or not doing any quest after acquiring Legion and whatnot. I'm not sure if any of it has been confirmed, however.
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User Info: shaider03

7 years ago#9
Im guessing also its who you picked for which segment could be important has well.
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User Info: DDay22Alpha

7 years ago#10
It's a crap shoot.

I have all possible Ship Upgrades, I have done everyone's loyalty missions, I have most of the research options done (except for a like 2 or so weapon upgrades), and so on, and I still get characters dying. I can't seem to get Garrus to not freaking die.. it's annoying as hell.
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  3. Which upgrades do i NEED to have everyone survive the suicide mission?

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