anderson/udina differences?

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User Info: EchoRenegade86

7 years ago#1
Just wondering if there is any significant difference if Anderson or udina are in the council or running things if council died in ME1

User Info: OblivionCrash

7 years ago#2

I don't know about Udina, but if Anderson is left in charge then it all seems to go to hell. He pretty much flat out tells you that he shouldn't have done this and that Udina would be better at it. It also seems the people of the Citadel aren't too happy with how Anderson has been doing. I suspect Udina is a much better choice even though I hated him.

User Info: Dapifer

7 years ago#3
Good question... the default choice is Udina. But I had Anderson, as well as many others.

Could someone comment on this?
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User Info: hotshotsix

7 years ago#4
I've played through with both as council members...

No significant difference in this game (I imagine in 3 there will be).

Anderson agrees with you more while Udina is just an outright ass. That's about all... One dominates the other based on who you put in charge.
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User Info: jmitnick

7 years ago#5

Basically this is pretty bad too. Udina becomes a stooge of the new council, and they've spent the last 2 years trying to convince themselves and everyone that the Reapers aren't real and that Sovereign and Saren were an isolated incident.

User Info: RPG_Apostle

7 years ago#6
Well, I had Anderson, and I definately didn't get that vibe.

I foresaw this whole thing back in ME1: Anderson's a great man, but he's no politician. Udina is the better man for the job. But I had a feeling Udina would be constantly brushed aside by the Council, so I chose Anderson because I thought they'd respect him (Knowing full well of his former Spectre candidacy).

So Anderson's the Council member now, not Udina. It definately felt like Anderson wasn't a huge fan of being there, but he knows why I picked him and understands that. He keeps Udina around to guide him. Anderson's more of a figurehead since Udina's not liked by anybody, and he knows it. They both do.

But it's worth it to see Anderson verbally pimpslap Udina in his place in front of Shepard.
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User Info: EchoRenegade86

7 years ago#7
Oh I see. So a new council just replaced the old one. The renegade ending to ME1 made it seem the humans would run the show. Ok thanks for the replies. I was.curious to see if a run through as paragon with Udina in charge would matter but I guess he is still a whipping dog.

User Info: Luke_fon_Fabre

7 years ago#8
Miranda mentions near the beginning that after Shepard died Anderson lost political clout. With the way the guys were so quick to ask for Udina's presence, it really shows that he might have been the best choice.

Either way, they both have their good points. One's likable, one's capable. Hope ME3 doesn't disappoint.

User Info: landwing

7 years ago#9
Always saw Anderson as a mentor, now I want to punch him in the face.
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