paragon vs renegade

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User Info: lance_mangune

7 years ago#1
whats the difference?

User Info: syphoned_edge

7 years ago#2
oh good god
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User Info: ArasHiCa

7 years ago#3

paragon = good
renegade = evil

do i need to say more?

User Info: GhostV9

7 years ago#4
Renegade isn't really evil in this game, more like Han Solo. whereas in ME1 renegade was evil
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User Info: KingLS

7 years ago#5
Renegade isn't evil? Wow what game are you playin?

User Info: Ambrosi1987

7 years ago#6
Paragon: Nice guy would do anything for anyone.
Renegade: Chippy but not a true badass.

Paragon: Badass but caring individual.
Renegade: Definition of Badass!
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User Info: eternalthunder3

7 years ago#7
more like
renegade=freelancer or renegade actually fits instead of pure evil

User Info: ArasHiCa

7 years ago#8

renegade is probably most fun to play ^^

*aaah smacking that reporter down was satisfying*

User Info: PhilR1

7 years ago#9
I agree that renegade is not evil. If you're a renegade you want to complete your mission and will not allow anyone or anything to get in your way.

Renegade is more ruthless and selfish whereas paragon is helpful and selfless.
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User Info: L0Z

7 years ago#10
Paragon is doing crap by the books
Renegade is being a loose cannon doing whatever you can to get the job done


best renegade RT action is throwing that merc out the window of the tower
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