Best squad for a Engineer Shepard?

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User Info: Icy-X

7 years ago#1
Hey just wondering yall opinoins on what squad mates are best to roll with with a Engineer Shepard?

User Info: disturbedfan248

7 years ago#2
Well I think you would want warp so miranda would be useful in that regard, then since both miranda and engineers are kinda squishy i would choose grunt probably...but thats me....also someone else might have warp but i cant recall right now
GT- Handicaptain

User Info: Wii0player

7 years ago#3
Thane and Samara

Thane to take down organics, taking down armor, barriers

Samara for crowd control, taking down armor, barriers

You for Synthetics and shields, and getting numbers
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User Info: Icy-X

7 years ago#4
hmmm interesting... still wanting to see more opinions, but I was thinking Thane and Jack actually... (With having my Shepard with Reave)

What yall think about that combo?

User Info: ZiVCe

7 years ago#5
I used Thane and Jack all the time on my engineer. I thought it was a really good combo, especially Thane providing the much needed sniper support and Jack breaking big groups and dragging people out from behind heavy cover.
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User Info: nnndddnnnddd

7 years ago#6
biotics work pretty well. also snipers.

User Info: d3ath5

7 years ago#7
Thane/Garrus and Jack/Samara would be good, or you could do Tali/Legion and have 3 combat probably wouldn't be good but funny.

User Info: Vargz

7 years ago#8
Tali, so you can spam drones and AI hack together. Effective or no, it sounds the most fun.

User Info: niamahai

7 years ago#9
hmm Thane+Samara sounds total pwnage.

Do you guys let the AI use the powers or you manually activate them?

Seeing that the cooldown is no longer 40seconds, I just let the AI go power crazy for the lulz.

User Info: ZiVCe

7 years ago#10
I only manually use powers on Insane. You almost have to.
The Grapist!
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