So whats up with the Garbage Compactor ?

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  3. So whats up with the Garbage Compactor ?

User Info: vedder72

7 years ago#1
Next to Zaeed is a Garbage Compactor.. Does it have anything to do with a quest or there just for show ? Or if I use it like 10 times in a row will something funny come out of it ? Any answers ?

User Info: SherlockHomey

7 years ago#2
Meh, I think it is just for show.

But it is cool to see garbage explode.
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User Info: Ohiown

7 years ago#3

You gotta keep your ship clean!

User Info: Rain_Mage

7 years ago#4
I gave up after the 13th time. :( I thought I was going to get some kinda reward, like when you're generous to the water fountain in FFIX. Still, it's fun to watch.

User Info: vedder72

7 years ago#5
ANy new info on this ??

User Info: YoungingV2

7 years ago#6
you can put your space hamster in there
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User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

7 years ago#7
when you crush the garbage, it sometimes turns into 10,000 credits.

but unfortunately it's shot into space anyway :(
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User Info: jcharlin

7 years ago#8
Much like the swirling toilet in Shepards cabin, no, its pointless, but cool.
Gamertag: SpectreROE
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  3. So whats up with the Garbage Compactor ?

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