Here is the CONFIRMED list of choices that carry over from ME1,sorry if old

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    This list was taken from the Something Awful Forums Mass Effect 2 Thread

    *spoilers* just in case

    - Rich Yes/No

    - Full Paragon/Renegade bar
    - Paragon/Renegade points
    - Childhood choice Spacer/Earthborn/Colonist
    - Reputation choice Sole Survivor/War Hero/Ruthless
    -?Quartermaster licenses all elkoss

    Party Members:
    - Garrus recruited Yes/No
    - Wrex recruited Yes/No
    - Garrus is Paragon/Renegade
    - Tali side quest done Yes/No
    - Romanced someone Yes/No
    - Romanced Ashley/Kaidan/Liara

    - Dr. Chloe Michel blackmailer Killed/Persuaded
    - Asari Consort sidequest done Yes/No
    - Asari Consort sexytime Yes/No
    - Interview outcome Refused to do interview/Punch out/Apologize
    - Had first conversation with The Fan (Conrad Verner) Yes/No
    - The Fan last conversation outcome Paragon(Stay at home)/Renegade(Threaten)
    - Harkin talked to Yes/No (tied in to Garrus recruitment)
    - Accepted quest from Chorban to scan Keepers Yes/No
    - Number of Keepers scanned
    - Jahleed quest outcome (Chorban) Scared off/Killed
    - Fist outcome Let go/Killed
    - Old Friends quest (Earthborn background ONLY), talked to Finch Yes/No
    - Old Friends quest (Earthborn background ONLY), Finch killed Yes/No
    - Talked to your mom after talking to Lieutenant Zabaleta Yes/No (Spacer background ONLY, Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things)
    - Citadel: I Remember Me (Colonist background ONLY), Talitha talked down from killing herself Yes/No
    -?Possibly a 2nd check for Citadel: I Remember Me present, whether you Forced/Convinced Talitha to take the sedative
    - Citadel: Homecoming Body returned to Samesh Yes/No
    -?105a "And 105a might be relating to whether or not you gave Schnells the Salarian gambler his data or gave it to the bartender." OR Citadel: Reporter's Request Handed over data to the reporter Yes/No.

    -?The company man (Ethan Jeong, ExoGeni Corporation representative) outcome good/good+ (outcomes listed here, not sure which is which)
    - Number of colonists killed
    - Colony outcome Good+/Good/Fail/Renegade
    - Possessed Asari (Shiala(Thorian plant)) Freed/Killed

    - Gianna Helped(evidence handed over)/Betrayed/Evidence handed over to Lorik
    - Han Olar talked to Yes/No
    - Rachni Queen released Yes/No

    - Wrex killed by player/killed by Ashley/killed by Ashley without permission
    - Geth Flyers disabled Yes/No (Captain Kirrahe saved or not)
    - Psyrana dead Yes/No (Asari assistant in one of the labs let go or not inside the facility)
    - Rescued Ashley/Kaidan

    - Old Council Saved/Killed
    - Choice for new council Anderson/Udina
    - Game complete Yes/No

    - UNC:Hostile Takeover Accepted Money/Persuaded to disband gang
    - Know about Slaver Asari quest Yes/No
    - Slaver Asari quest outcome (Killed Sister) Yes/No
    -?UNC: Lost Module, unsure what is actually tracked here. "unc:module says easter egg so I assume it means the silver sphere you find on that planet that has 3 pages of text"
    -?UNC: Cerberus Heard of Cerberus Yes/No (ie did you do UNC: Missing Marines leading to this quest or not.
    -?UNC: Hades' Dogs Cerberus files found. Not sure what is tracked, probably if you returned them or gave to the Shadow Broker.
    - UNC: Hostage Chairman died Yes/No
    - UNC: Hostage Biotics Surrendered/Killed
    - UNC: Dead Scientists Killed Scientist/Convinced Corporal Toombs to lower weapon

    DLC (Bring Down the Sky):

    - Humans rescued Yes/No
    eat,sleep,play video games