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User Info: blkdragonj

6 years ago#111
So where is this DLC update?

User Info: 1zenron1

6 years ago#112
I'm commander Zenron, and this is my favourite thread on the citadel...

User Info: Mmaguy

6 years ago#113
Why is there no sniper rifle upgrade in the garrus mission in the room where you get the fake id?

I can hack/loot everything in that room, and there's no sniper upgrade.

User Info: euklb

6 years ago#114
its in the next room
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Awesome, helped me out!

User Info: ItsKappn

6 years ago#116
So helpful, thanks!

User Info: JulioBraptista

6 years ago#117
Awesome, cheers

User Info: Thekiller37

6 years ago#118
Hey, you can also get an extra heavy weapon upgrade by going to the shrike abyssal cluster, Ke cha system, by completing the mini-quest via exploring Zada Ben through the anomaly found on it. You get it automatically for completing the mission.
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(edited 6 years ago)

User Info: Logicshot24

5 years ago#119
PhoenixAssassin posted...
Squad chat upgrades

To get these upgrades, after recruiting someone just go and talk to them on the Normandy.
During the conversation select "Investigate" Then "[UPGRADES]" then "Yes"

Miranda - Scanner Upgrade
Archangel - Thanix Cannon
Mordin - 20% Tech Power Damage for Mordin
Jacob - Heavy Ship Armor
Grunt - Equips Grunt with Custom Claymore Shotgun
Samara - Extended Fuel Cells
Tali - Normandy Shield
Thane - Probe Expansion
jack - 20% Biotic Power Damage for Jack

Medi Gel Capacity - talk to Dr. Chakwas and ask if she needs anything,
she will ask for a bottle of Cherice Ice Brandy. Get it from any bar, and return
it to her for the upgrade



Omega Market
- Sniper Rifle Upgrade

Kenn's Salvage
- Heavy weapon ammo
- Shotgun upgrade


Serrice Technology
- Biotic Damage Upgrade
- Medi-Gel Capacity

Gateway Personal Defense
- Heavy Skin Weave
- SMG Upgrade
- Assault Rifle Upgrade


Ratch's Wares
- Heavy Weapon Ammo

Fortack's Database
- Assault Rifle Upgrade
- Biotic Damage Upgrade
- Heavy Pistol Damage Upgrade
- Shotgun Damage Upgrade

The Citadel

Rodam Expeditions
- Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade
- Heavy Pistol Damage Upgrade
- Submachine Gun Damage Upgrade

Saronis Applications
- Tech Power Damage
- Damage Protection Upgrade

Cirta Foundation
- Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade

Kasumi Loyalty Mission - Tech Damage - Dead Merc Body

User Info: Vlederane

5 years ago#120
Thank you. Amazing guide.
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