So why exactly is Tali so loved?

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User Info: Muflaggin

7 years ago#1
I don't mind her but just looking at the voting topic for characters I'm surprised she's leading.
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User Info: Tien25

7 years ago#2
Because all gamers have a soft spot in their heart for a cute, awkward techie.
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User Info: LinkSwordBoy

7 years ago#3
Dat ass.
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User Info: evilhomer5044

7 years ago#4

dem hips

User Info: Fezta

7 years ago#5
You are asking why video game nerds like a hot alien chick?

User Info: incinerator950

7 years ago#6
One of the reasons I like her is because she was around in the first game.
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User Info: psycho_mike2991

7 years ago#7
Dat face.
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User Info: outlawstar289

7 years ago#8
Great VA

Cute Awkwardness

History with Shepard, been around since the first game

Great Lines
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User Info: cberry09

7 years ago#9
Shiala is way cooler.

Green asari ftw
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User Info: steveoSEK

7 years ago#10
awkward, shy, clumsy, ultra nerdy, smart.

its what us nerds love.
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  3. So why exactly is Tali so loved?

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