So why exactly is Tali so loved?

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User Info: Icy-X

7 years ago#11
I simply liked her in ME1 just cuz I think her and Garrus are hands down best squad mates in that game imo.... Kinda like hands down Garrus and Zaeed are the best combo in ME2 seemingly good with any kind of Shepard and good in any situation. Sentinel Shepard with Garrus and Zaeed = best possible squad in ME2 I'd have to say.... And no I played like that myself, just looking at how the game works... Sure you perhaps could have better combinations at certain specific points in the game, but in general playing just wanting to be able to take on whatever, then that is the crew... just letting ppl know :P

User Info: kpearwut

7 years ago#12

User Info: cberry09

7 years ago#13
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ganstamaori

7 years ago#14
Tali has always been my bench warmer.
Garrus: We can disobey suicide orders? Why wasn't I told?
Mordin: Twice a day, on average.

User Info: PabloEscobar20

7 years ago#15

She had "datass" in ME 1, but now "datass" title belongs to Miranda as shown here.

User Info: liltagg

7 years ago#16
Great VA

Cute Awkwardness

History with Shepard, been around since the first game

Great Lines

fo sho

User Info: booyakasha128

7 years ago#17
She was a pretty likable character in this game, she pretty much filled Liara's spot from the last game as the awkward one. This coming from someone who found her rather dull before.
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User Info: cberry09

7 years ago#18
Tali + Legion vs. Geth = No chance, that's just what you got.
Gamefaq mods. Just lol.

User Info: jasonharris48

7 years ago#19

She was one of the few MC from the first Mass Effect I actually cared for.

User Info: Eonspirit

7 years ago#20
This is truly puzzling for me too. She was the one character I couldn't bear talking to in ME cause she bored me to tears. When I heard that she's making a comeback I just groaned.. about the ONLY reason I liked having her around in both parts was to tell her how **** idiotic her species is. This holds especially true when you get Legion on board and get some new insights into the whole story... blah.. frankly, wish there was an option to just leave her with her people.
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