So why exactly is Tali so loved?

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User Info: DarkFlameSusano

7 years ago#21
^ Someone likes dumb drunk bimbos who sleep with you on the first date so you get attached and fall in love then she drains your bank account and leaves you for someone with more money and better looks.


User Info: Creth_

7 years ago#22

User Info: mijames

7 years ago#23
Am I the only one that was hoping her quarian friend would join the squad and not her?

User Info: Syion

7 years ago#24
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User Info: Shadowmaster_M

7 years ago#25
She had interesting back story and exposition, if you're into that kind of stuff. Also, she was polite and kind to Shepard, helped you immensely with bringing down Saren, and blew somebody up in her first appearance.
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User Info: Revolver65

7 years ago#26
I like her, but I only think of her as a freind.
"Saying Timesplitters has always been mediocre is like saying having sex isn't cool."-Warnut
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User Info: lycantrophfauna

7 years ago#27
She has the lingerie effect(sequal to ME2 hopefully) going you cannot wait and see what is going on beneath the armor
Suckage can be turned up to 11 too.

User Info: Ohiown

7 years ago#28

Basically she is a hot piece of alien trim. datass

User Info: CramerGamer

7 years ago#29
Because all the interactions with her outside normal talking (what happens in certain quests if shes with you, paragon interupt on her loyalty quest) paint her as a love interest. Subject Zero feels like I am taking advantage of someone with problems (even the paragon version) and miranda just feels like a fling.

miranda is a ***** because she hates her father who cloned her, subject zero has problems because she was experimented on in insane ways, Tali is just tali, most of her problems you experience with her, not something you try to fix long after the fact.

User Info: eb_esquire

7 years ago#30

She's strong and independant and confident, but in ways that Ashley and Liara lacked in ME1. When you first meet her, she's a young (possibly teenage/barely adult) girl who's out on her own and brave enough to deal with people like Fist and agents of the Shadow Broker. She's quiet but not shy, she knows how to talk to people. She doesn't need to act tough to be tough.

And I think part of the appeal was the want/can't have thing from the first game. She was the only female main character you couldn't romance, so she seemed somewhat cooler, more genuine. The romance dialogue, at least IMO, has the potential to take away from the character, it reveals too much. Tali was kept more mysterious than any other character in ME1 - we didn't even see her face. She was the only female who seemed to be solely focused on the mission, she was no-nonsense and practical, spent all her time playing with the ship's engines and talking about her culture, two things she seemed very passionate about. Liara claimed to be passionate about Protheans, but how much of that did we really see, when the romance dialogue started coming into play? Ashley recited poetry, said she was religious, but some of her dialogue (didn't she call herself a "hellcat" at one point?) cheapened the whole 'getting to know her' thing. We got to find out all about Tali without those cheesy lines and the prospect of sex. Her character mattered, rather than just the end result of your conversations with her.

Also, dat ass.

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  3. So why exactly is Tali so loved?

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