So why exactly is Tali so loved?

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User Info: HandOfCheese

7 years ago#41
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: HandOfCheese

7 years ago#42
Above for Weejiez, the silly sod ;-).
You must always lose something to truly learn what you had.

User Info: tizzywilkillyou

7 years ago#43
^^ Haha great post HandOfCheese. Perfectly executed.

User Info: Rentedninja86

7 years ago#44
What about Kelly? she was a little bi sexual hottie!
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User Info: Shadowmaster_M

7 years ago#45
She was always lying to me. I'd read my mail, go talk to Mordin and come back and she'd say "You have a new message!" and I'd check and there was NOTHING! She's supposed to be paying attention to these things but she didn't see me read them earlier!?
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User Info: mike_ko10

7 years ago#46
Why are people calling Miranda an overachiever? She's supposed to be the perfect woman. It is impossible for her to overachieve.
The above post may contain sarcasm.

User Info: Bourne_Endeavor

7 years ago#47

From: HandOfCheese | #154
To the "piss-filled" comment: Gamers omit things they don't like (hence, the fantasy in Fantasy Role Play :-p).

In real life, people wouldn't speak to Jack without seeing the results of at least four different AIDS tests, would never think about humping a black-eyed lizard Altair and wouldn't, in all likeness, reload their life after each gunshot :-p. But in a game like ME2, we can paint our alter-ego's perception with a much wider brush.

Because of this, the very real thought of Tali being an unwashed, rancid, bald, pale half-woman half-chicken hybrid virgin just goes *poof*. And I should know, when I'm romancing her, I just imagine this (scroll down):

Now that's a spicy piss-filled meatball :-ppp.

Man has a point. If Wrex were a romance option I guarantee 90% of the fanbase would have jumped his four testicles in half a second, yet in real life you would stay as far as humanly possible for a giant lizard with a "I will kill you because I can" attitude. The majority of people I imagine have an embedded image of how Tali appears by their preference, likely related to a known individual of similar characteristics hence the easy attraction to her personality and ultimately why should Bioware reveal her it could be a hilarious nightmare.

I must say however even in real life where I do not over emphasize my personality (Renegade), I would still shove a gun in Conrad's face. :P
Believing in things when there is no proof is what faith is all about
Believing in things when there is no proof is what gullibility is all about

User Info: Killigraphy

7 years ago#48
I enjoyed her personality, as she was just happy to be off a ship. Everything you did was new to her, rightfully so of course, since shes running with Shepard. Imagine meeting a guy who takes you on a voyage with him to save the world....there would be a lot of questions .

I like that she isn't forcing her feelings on the character, ala Jack, ala Ashley. Some characters come off too strong. I would imagine people "love" tali because of the intrigue; "whats behind the mask" coupled with the "hot bod". I'm honestly surprised Samara isn't in the top 3 , considering the obvious. I guess the kids playing the game have no idea what a MILF is, either way I can see how the "teen-ish" Tali can be liked more than the more mature characters.

I actually like Thane, he is the definition of three dimensional. A mass effect with Thane as the lead would be nice to see...minus the heat sink clips...
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User Info: JustinTheJagged

7 years ago#49
I like her personality the most out of all the characters, I've always liked socially awkward, brainy tomboys.
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User Info: Tro77Tro

7 years ago#50
In real life, people wouldn't speak to Jack without seeing the results of at least four different AIDS tests

As anyone who knows me would tell you, promiscuous, tattoo-covered women filled with crazy are my thing.

But then again, I have never had an HIV test myself... so. [ponders his life]
Like male worgens, only with more feminine features and boobs. And two "times of the month." -adjl on female Worgen
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