how does Auto Level Up prioritize?

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  3. how does Auto Level Up prioritize?

User Info: mettlegear

7 years ago#1
i have no idea how to level up my team, so i usually go with Auto Level Up...i'm just wondering how that works- what does it prioritize, how does it decide, etc? and is it a good idea to use if you arent sure how to manually level up?

User Info: mettlegear

7 years ago#2

User Info: tarenwanderer

7 years ago#3
Poorly. Do it yourself; you'll probably be more effective.
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User Info: mettlegear

7 years ago#4
if i thought i had any clue as to the best way to do it, i would do it myself. is there a guide that recommends how to best level up?

User Info: hotshotsix

7 years ago#5
. . .

Put skill points in the skills you like...
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User Info: ShawBrothers

7 years ago#6
I find it much better to manually do it, I've never selected auto. I guess auto-level is just random or goes by whatever power the character uses the most. Manually doing it is no different how you level yourself.

User Info: InvalidMod

7 years ago#7
I find in ME1 it actually put it in points that were somewhat useful.

In ME2 it just puts points wherever it can. It will put 4 points in 1 power instead of 2 in another
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User Info: ElkTheBurning

7 years ago#8
Level up how you want them to play. There's less skills in this game so it's easier than the first. And the skills are better. It's more worth it to do it yourself.

User Info: tarheel18

7 years ago#9
It seems like it tries to get as many ranks as possible with the points allowed. So you end up with a bunch of mediocre skills rather than a few powerful ones.

User Info: mettlegear

7 years ago#10
so what skills to focus on for what characters? i have no idea.
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