what to say to morinth?(spoilers maybe)

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  3. what to say to morinth?(spoilers maybe)

User Info: konvikt_17

7 years ago#1

so im doing samara's loyalty mission and im at the part where you talk to Morinth. thing is, i have no idea what to say, ive done it three times already and everytime, she went for beers and i failed the mission.

so what exactly am i supposed to say to her to get back to her apartment?

User Info: LazyDave1

7 years ago#2
If you paid attention it's pretty damn easy. Otherwise, I did notice that the correct dialogue options seemed to always be the bottom-left choice.

User Info: twosocksofchaos

7 years ago#3
I think the answer is always the bottom left answer. For Music, pick Expel 10, then Hallex. For Art, pick Forta, then Vaenia (or whatever that movie is called). For Travel, pick something along the lines of "danger is good", then "power is it's own reward".
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User Info: spawnassasin

7 years ago#4

expel 10
and some vid i dont remember

User Info: Wii0player

7 years ago#5
talk about art, music, and violence

When talking about art go with the Elcor as your favorite, music I don't think matters, and violence...yeah

If you check the murder victim's room then it tells you basically eveything you need to say
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User Info: Rycyyn

7 years ago#6
Talk to Samara before you go into the bar and ask her what is already known and then take some notes. The artist she likes is Forta, the Movie is Vanyia, and the drug is Halix. Other than that just talk to all the people in the club. A guy asks you about tickets for a band Morinth likes so you can bring that up in convo, you can get a reporter out of being beat to death, you can smack down a Turian for hitting on a dancer and so on.
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User Info: FZATMOI

7 years ago#7
Ask Samara about it before the mission starts and she tells you what to say. Also talk to the people in the club before talking to Morinth and they'll give you some more clues.
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User Info: RubyFox

7 years ago#8
Talk about music, then mention that Expo-whatever band the guy at the door mentions.

Continue from there, mention drugs. The Hallex? whatever brand that you found from the dead girl's mother/diary.

Go on about exploring the galaxy, and how power is strength. Samara tells you exactly what Morinth is into, just mention those topics.
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User Info: menalaos1971

7 years ago#9
Talk to Samara and find out about her BEFORE you enter the VIP. That way you know the answers to give.
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User Info: konvikt_17

7 years ago#10

well everytime i talk to her it never gives me any of the bottom left choices

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  3. what to say to morinth?(spoilers maybe)

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