What is the point of buying Pyjak meat?

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  3. What is the point of buying Pyjak meat?

User Info: MACMOORE420

7 years ago#1
In Tuchanka(sp?) you can buy Pyjak meat, but does it show up in your inventory?(whoops!) I mean does it have any reason for being able to be purchased? Or taken since it is zero credits...

User Info: Genji_Hakagure

7 years ago#2
feed the...


...the varren next to the krogan merchant.
"I don't have time to bleed." Clan Wyrmfoe's Eastern Sun XBLGT: Jason El Cuervo

User Info: oTmB_eh

7 years ago#3
Feed it to Urz

User Info: MikeSuskie

7 years ago#4
Give it to the varren.
"So is the Dragon Age like the Bronze Age, and now everything is made out of dragons?"
- Yahtzee

User Info: RJDoute

7 years ago#5
Feed it to the Varren at the guys store.. I forget his name. He'll follow you around everytime you come back to the planet. You can take him to the Pits (he's an ex-champion) and bet 500 credits on him. In my experience he wins 3/1 so it's a quick way to make credits. Once he loses, however, you need to leave and come back for him to "respawn".

I haven't found any other use for him yet.


User Info: Weejiez

7 years ago#6
Feeds it to the Varrens xD
It's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything.

User Info: MACMOORE420

7 years ago#7
OOOOOOhhhhh.... Thanks

User Info: Shadowmaster_M

7 years ago#8
I was gonna give it to Grunt.
Das Feuer liebt mich.

User Info: quwykxz

7 years ago#9
Mmmmm, Pyjak steak....aaarrlllgh(drool)

So< did you spank your monkey to get your Pyjak"s meat?

User Info: JetdaHawk

7 years ago#10
I don't think we can eat Pyjak meat. According to Grunt: "It would be like swallowing a bunch of knives." Otherwise I would have given it to the guy in the mess hall in your ship as "grocery supplies." Heheh, that would be funny.

Crewmate 1: "Did you taste that meal last night? It was like rotten ass!"

Crewmate 2: "Are you kidding me? It felt like I ruptured my colon just processing it!"

"Both puke blood everywhere"

Mess hall guy: "Haha, serves them right!"

*Vomits blood as well*
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  3. What is the point of buying Pyjak meat?

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