The Difference Between Each Difficulty Level

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User Info: Cramtron

7 years ago#1
What is the difference between each difficulty level? When you select your difficulty, all it tells you is things like "Only for the most hardcore gamers!" and crap like that.
What is the actual difference, though? All I've noticed between Normal and Hardcore is that enemies usually have more armor, shields, barriers, and whatnot. What about their health? Is it increased? Is Shepard's health decreased? Does the enemy AI improve? Do their guns do double damage? Does it take longer for Shepard's shields to come back online?
You get the picture. Does anyone have solid info on this?

GT: Cramtron

User Info: punchie18

7 years ago#2

I was just wondering the same thing.

User Info: dex22

7 years ago#3
I believe its:
shield/armor/barrier more prevalent
Lower health/shields and/or higher enemy damage (can't tell)
Lower damage and/or higher enemy health (can't tell)
And I think there might be more enemies in some places, but I can't tell for sure.
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User Info: DaiKyoAshigaru

7 years ago#4
try reading the description at the bottom right. it tells you things like(on insanity, for example) "enemies are tenacious, react quickly, have upgraded weapons, and use their powers mercilessly. whereas on normal, theyll use their powers occasionally, and apparently suck at cover(ive had many times where id see their heads poking up above cover, even if im below them) for free snipz shots. dont just skim the description. take it in and contemplate it, if you must.

User Info: ghosta2

7 years ago#5
very easy
very hard

bellow normal enemies take extra damage, do less, don't scale, have no or little protection, and don't use powers if at all. The ai isn't too smart as well.

normal- some enemies have protection, normal damage, normal ai, some power usage, decent ai

veteran and hardcore you do less they do more, more protection, they use powers frequently, most enemies have protection, enemies scale

insanity- enemies throw everything at you and fight a lot smarter. almost every enemy has protection, use powers a lot. do more damge to you, you do less to them.

that's all from the in game difficulty description.
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