Wtf is up with this assuming control BS?

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  3. Wtf is up with this assuming control BS?

User Info: 3OH3xKatyPerry

7 years ago#1
I'm only like 6 minutes into the game. And wtf is assuming control supposed to mean. Wtf is up with illusive man and assuming control. No spoilers please since i just started. I saw a post that said illusive man is assuming control. It sounds stupid. Assuming control is a name for a man? LMAOO!!! Wat a loser. Anyways, that post was probably a major spoiler. But I had a feeling illusive man is a traitor lol. I dont trust anyone in this game. I see everyone as a traitor in this game. But ...I guess we'll see what happens. Actually dont even post in this thread, because most likely it'll contain major end game spoilers. and i dont want to read spoilers. k im done, goodbye.

User Info: SirKaiDoumeki

7 years ago#2
You'll get it once you get to-ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL

User Info: JustinTheJagged

7 years ago#3
You're only 6 minutes in yet you made an earlier topic about how the game fails?
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User Info: Taiketo

7 years ago#4
Just play the game.
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User Info: deathrow93

7 years ago#5
^lol i just noticed that i think the OP is a fail
xbox live gamertag: vdeathrow93

User Info: Relond

7 years ago#6
The answer is quite simple, and, in it's own way, beautiful. The truth is that it's nothing more tha-ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: Phoenixmon2

7 years ago#7

not really i just wanted to do it wrong

User Info: deathrow93

7 years ago#8
I'm Commander Shepard and this is my fav-ASSUMING CONTROL

You Humans are all-Assuming Control


xbox live gamertag: vdeathrow93

User Info: ThCyborgMilkMan

7 years ago#9
I can barely understand TC's post.

User Info: Efx88

7 years ago#10
This topic makes me loASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!
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  3. Wtf is up with this assuming control BS?

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