Why do people hate cyro so much?

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User Info: Cheezy500

7 years ago#1
Cyro ammo is the best thing ever against krogan, even on insane. Unless im facing geth or droids, i never use my disrupter over cryo. (I'm an infiltrator). People seriously underestimate it.

User Info: Valvador

7 years ago#2
If your target is vulnerable to Cryo they are vulnerable to Pull, Throw, Singularity, Slam, Incinerate, Concussive Shot and are probably already dead.


Are wrong.

User Info: Xade76

7 years ago#3
I haven't seen anybody hate on it. As a matter of fact, I've seen a few Vanguards that swear by it.

Also, it's cryo, not cyro.

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User Info: FullSerenity1

7 years ago#4
Squad cryo is good, I used it my last game. Nothing like charging an enemy and blowing it away with a shotgun, then turning and being able to shatter another with simply a melee attack lol.

It works pretty good on Insanity.

User Info: Oddrat

7 years ago#5
Squad cryo can be extremely effective, other than that I don't bother with it as I find tungsten, warp and inferno more useful.

User Info: burnquist764

7 years ago#6
Or the widow left it's mark right between the eyes.

User Info: blueflame

7 years ago#7
Once you get past the shields and armor which the cryo ammo does nothing to help against, you've basically brought them to the point where any other set of skills can pretty much decimate it. So, it hasn't helped you get to where you can even use it, and it's already at that point replaced by more potent powers including 1HKO's and any combination of biotic/tech power.

Essentially, cryo is USELESS to you as a waste of skill points for the little help it could ever do. For the record, it also does *not* stop regeneration, so you're still gonna have to pump that sucker full of lead unless you somehow chuck it off a cliff or kill it with powers, which when it doesn't have defenses anymore for the cryo to work you could have just done anyway.
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User Info: tarenwanderer

7 years ago#8
Doesn't it only work when the enemy has no shield and armor, meaning Krogan are really the only enemies with even remotely enough health that freezing them will have a noticable effect before your bullets outright kill them? Whereas another ammo will kill them faster and probably help with said annoying barrier/armor?

Also it's not entirely reliable.
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User Info: RageBattle

7 years ago#9
I'll take the avalanche over ammo any day. Other ammo is just more effective and reliable.
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User Info: jamralex

7 years ago#10
Squad Cryo is actually very good. I've used it for Vanguard and its actually very helpful - just imagine being able to IMMEDIATELY Charge into a group of 4-5 protected enemies right off the bat. With Miranda/Thane (that was always my combo), you could easily do Heavy Warp/Heavy Overload, etc. on the surrounding enemies while you attack your target. This will usually leave most, if not all, the enemies with health alone. In the mean time your squad is still firing! Which means they won't be able to fight back. So as you're done killing 1 enemy, maybe 2-3 guys are frozen or are just starting to freeze enabling your Shepard to melee/shoot without getting damage and then Charge to the next target.
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  3. Why do people hate cyro so much?

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