How do you fire the M90 Cain!?

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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

7 years ago#1
I cant figure out how to fire the thing...... I hold the trigger, nothing, tap alot, nothing, try both in large space, nothing. HOW!?

User Info: zweener

7 years ago#2
See that percentage sign? The fact that it's under 100% means something
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User Info: Linkmaster2k3

7 years ago#3
The weapon needs 100% charge to fire
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User Info: oaclo

7 years ago#4
you need 100 ammo. dont feel bad though, its a fairly common mistake. i made it myself the first timei tried the cain. on the collector ship on hardcore. :(

User Info: HollowVP

7 years ago#5
Hold down trigger to let it charge and then it will fire on it's own once it's fully charged. You have to hold down the trigger.

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

7 years ago#6
targeter makes it to where I cant see the percent. how do i raise it?

User Info: blueflame

7 years ago#7
Hold trigger until humming reaches crescendo, aim at target, release trigger.
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User Info: FullSerenity1

7 years ago#8
The first time you use it will be one of your favorite memories from the game, trust me lol.

User Info: Dhumemorex

7 years ago#9
Let it build up, and RELEASE!
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User Info: dourtewg

7 years ago#10
I thought I could just pull the trigger and it would work... I went through three playthroughs thinking it was bugged.

Then I used it to avenge Biotic God. The mushroom cloud was a fitting tribute to the great biotic wind, sweeping all before it.
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  3. How do you fire the M90 Cain!?

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