Femshep romance options are terrible

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  3. Femshep romance options are terrible

User Info: Zirkus44

7 years ago#1
You have the choice of:

-The sandpaper turian with a band-aid holding his face together.

-The raspy voiced dying guy with scales and fish eyes.

-The human guy with huge nostrils and pubes growing on his jaws.

-Another woman.

wtf bioware?

User Info: DVeagle74

7 years ago#2
Garrus is awesome. Best romance in the game. Even the crew thinks so, just ask Kasumi after the romance.
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User Info: tarenwanderer

7 years ago#3
Garrus Vakarian. Even the guys want him.
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User Info: EnchantingEmber

7 years ago#4
The fact Garrus has a band-aid holding his face together makes him even more impressive!
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User Info: dragonlover1313

7 years ago#5
Garrus is the most impressive relationship so far and deserves a special ending in ME3

User Info: Shadowfox83

7 years ago#6
Garrus is awesome. Best romance in the game. Even the crew thinks so, just ask Kasumi after the romance.
Kasumi also mentions Kelly after you have the dinner date together. Hell she went on this whole romance tirade involving Shepard's romance with Liara, then the date with Kelly, and ending how Joker and EDI bicker like a married couple. It was hilarious listening to her talk so much about romance. Kasumi's awesome. :D

But anyway FemShep has Garrus and Kelly as options that's more then good enough for most people.
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User Info: QuikSilver989

7 years ago#7
My femshep could care less about Garrus. It was all about Thane! Plus he is dying. Maybe he will be dead in ME3 so I can have another romance partner.
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User Info: clra2

7 years ago#8
I agree. The female relationship options are really bad. I sort of failed at getting Kelly and none of the actual crew members is that interesting. I dont see everyone's infatuation with Garrus. I never really liked him that much. I ended up not doing a relationship with my female Shepard.
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User Info: TPJr

7 years ago#9
^ Even though I don't "do" FemShep... I can only guess yours didn't have enough flex-ability... *lol*
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User Info: the_leetnesslol

7 years ago#10
Thane probably had my favorite romance sub-plot in the game. As awesome as Garrus is, I just can't get my FemShep to romance him...
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  3. Femshep romance options are terrible

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