Overlord Data Packets Help (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

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I've been scouring the entire overworld connecting the Stations for at least an hour if not longer, and I've only been able to find 5 of them, and it's driving me crazy looking for the final one.

Can anyone please give me a complete list of where all 6 of them are? It's kinda difficult for me to explain which 5 are the ones that I've found, but here goes:-

1) The one very close to the entrance leading to that area with the Station which had all that lava.

2) One immediately to the east of where the Hammerhead first starts out from just after meeting Archer.

3) One slightly to the west of that passage leading to where Atlas Station is.

4) The one just outisde the entrace to Atlas Station itself.

5) I think the last one I found was somewhere in the general vicinity of where I found 1), although I had to take a detour around to find it, and it was also guarded by 2 rogue turrets.

Thanks to anyone who can tell me where the final Data Packet is located.

User Info: Comandante42

7 years ago#2
I think I know which one you're missing. You know the rock bridge you have to cross to get to Vulcan Station? Go underneath it. The data packet should be around in the little alcove, guarded by two YMIR mechs.
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User Info: pchn00

7 years ago#3
Hey thanks I needed the one under the rock bridge too lol

User Info: TheTrueBZ

7 years ago#4
Yeah, that one took me forever to find.

User Info: Shado Man

Shado Man
7 years ago#5
Thanks for the help. I never would've checked under the bridge.
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User Info: Duken13

7 years ago#6
Thank you very much!

User Info: orangenee

7 years ago#7
Ha, found that one under the bridge purely by accident as I was a little heavy on the pedal going across there and fell off.

It looks like you'll plummet to your death from most angles too.
Remember kids, if you die in real life you die in your videogames too!!!
Lord of Nightmares 7 years ago#8
Strange, I thought I posted a response here a couple of days back, but looks like it wasn't the case.

In any case, thans a lot Comandante42, that's the one place that I never thought to look!

User Info: Rossard

7 years ago#9
Yeah, thanks so much for mentioning the one under the bridge. Was the last one I was missing.
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User Info: bonesplit

7 years ago#10
I had a brain fart. What's the reward for getting all the packets?
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