Samara or Morinth?

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User Info: BBoy_Ka0s

7 years ago#1

Alright so i'm on my first playthrough as a paragon or "paragade" vanguard. I'm trying to go for a good ending. But i'm worried that if i choose Morinth over Samara i will get bit in the a$$ for it in ME3. I mean i like the ability Dominate and Reave but which is better? SO what are your opinions? Should i kill Morinth or Samara. What do you think about the storyline changing if chose morinth & which power do you think is more beneficial?

User Info: Soccerelite08

7 years ago#2
It's possible to get both abilities while saving Samara:

-Make sure you have a save before you have to choose
-Save Samara (then save the game in a different slot)
-reload old save and choose Morinth
-make sure that you have dominate in advanced training
-Reload the Samara save and you should have both abilities
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User Info: sirmourinho

7 years ago#3

dominate is better if you are fighting against organics.

it lets you control them just like how AI hacking lets you control synthetics.

reave is like a health leech t damages enemies massively as well. but the animation to activate it usually involves you getting out of cover but its all up to you.

getting morinth is renegade and indeed you will be beaten in the a%^ if you recruit her. she isnt all that good but she is also similar to her mother.

but i have heard people say samara has teh superior biotic powers. being a justicar and what not.

User Info: sirmourinho

7 years ago#4

sorry for the double post but in my experience i only got morinth when i played through out as ONLY renegade i.e made only renegade choices.

all the 4 times i played paragon, it wouldnt let me choose morinth. the 5th time, i played bad cop from the get go and did her loyalty mission last when i made sure i was in the last segment of the renegade meter.

even playing as a medium i.e paragade, the cut scene just went straight to me stopping morinth and her mother ......................................................................... doing you know what.

but do as the 2nd poster said. morinth is only good for her ability other than that she isnt special. i only like her coz her voice actress was the hottest girl on one of the tv series i used to watch when growing up.

User Info: BBoy_Ka0s

7 years ago#5

thanks for the opinions but yeah i got the option too. i have 100% paragon and almost 3 bars full on renegade & i left this mission as the last loyalty mission. & i did what soccer dude was saying AND IT WORKS!! lmfao i really only wanted the power. so i'm pretty happy now LOL. i guess i get SAMARA and DOMINATE. wo0p. now question is.. group dominate or enhanced dominate?

User Info: sirmourinho

7 years ago#6

you will never and i repeat NEVER use group dominate unless you are playing on casual. coz all enemies will be shielded and you need to un-strip before you dominate.

thus its impossible to unstrip a group of enemies then dominate them coz they all have different shields. lol

hence you should get enhanced dominate. group dominate isnt really effective. enhanced lets you dominate one enemy preferably the most powerful one and then use him/it/her for a long period while being heavily shielded.

be WARNED if you use dominate on collectors, the moment it wears off, they do that annoying thing where by they go in the air and regenerate barriers and get ultra powerful and start spamming fire balls.

so, try not to use dominate on collectors.

plus, since you are a vanguard and dont have the revenant, it is advisable to make dominate your best friend. make sure to dominate enemies that are coming close to you. they will turn back and clear out some enemies for you leaving you with the simple task of dashing in and shot gunning them to tit bits.

also know which levels/missions have organics. taking dominate to a geth mission = EPIC FAIL.

have fun.

User Info: ghostrider9876

7 years ago#7
I'm just happy that you can get Morinth's power without having to keep that **** around. I wouldn't want to have a squadmate on my ship if all I could think about constantly would be pushing her out of the airlock, then laughing hysterically while watching her die slowly through a viewport.
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User Info: That_one_pie

7 years ago#8
Well, Dominate is a more for fun power compared to the others. It still has its uses though, like dominated one of the heavies and letting your enemies kill the dominated one. Though yeah, it's pretty useless on Hardcore and Insanity.
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User Info: BBoy_Ka0s

7 years ago#9

thanks guys. yeah i ended up choosing enhanced dominate. & i'm playing on hardcore. What do you guys think is the best bonus skill for a vanguard other than dominate then?

User Info: Lionheart08

7 years ago#10
Reave is a nice choice and Barrier can be good if you pull one of those "Put Shield up before getting into conflict."

Personally though I forgo the bonus skill because the Vanguard is solid without one.
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