Memes inspired by Mass Effect series

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User Info: csigamer90

7 years ago#1
Though it would be fun to make a topic listing all the memes inspired by Mass Effect 1 & 2.
The only rule is that each poster can only list one meme per day so everyone can get a shot at it.
I'll kick things off wi-ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!!!

User Info: Evilmonkey22556

7 years ago#2
I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.
Insert witty quote here.

User Info: VoidShaman

7 years ago#3
...shut your pie hole!

User Info: Frolex

7 years ago#4
There's shepard themed advice dog spinoff.

User Info: Soccerelite08

7 years ago#5
Wrex: Shepard
Shepard: Wrex
"Phoenix Wright once exorcised a ghost by objecting, and then objected so hard he made the prosecutor bleed out of his eyes." - Psycho Kirby

User Info: PWNDEZ1337

7 years ago#6
I should go.
I find it hard to believe that highly trained members of the military would have trouble locating Unspecifiedistan on a map. -- double oh
Gamertag: PWNDEZ

User Info: Lionheart08

7 years ago#7
Ah yes, "memes." A collection of popular phrases that are repeated so often that they're no longer funny or clever. We have dismissed that claim.
I'm a genius! Geniuses don't NEED medication!

User Info: The-Mutant

7 years ago#8
"I've had enough of your snide insinuations/ disingenuous accusations."

Often combined with SHEPARD PAWNCH!
This place has outlasted its usefulness... as have you! -Kain (Soul Reaver)

User Info: ocelot09

7 years ago#9
Garrus is impressive. He shoots a merc in the head and yells "Impressive!" for himself. I'd say that's pretty impressive.
All lives must be checked at the counter upon entrance to GFAQS.-Ravenous_Moon

User Info: y000012500

7 years ago#10
Because it's a big, stupid, jellyfish!
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