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User Info: Reign_Tsumaraki

6 years ago#1
This idea has been tossing around on the SINS board, and I thought I would bring it here.

For those who have not played SINS: It's in space, there's wormholes and stuff, colonization of planets, starbases, giant space fleet battles, and so on.

Factions need discussing.

My thoughts: Factions could be split this way -

Pirates - Mercenaries. Blood pack and all those guys.



Salarians (A bit iffy, they're not very combat oriented)



These are the only factions that would fit the game.
Krogan are not much of a spacefaring race.
Quarians are out, they need to be able to colonize planets.
Reapers are out, for obvious reasons. (OP! OP!)
Drell, no, obvious reasons.
Collectors, no, they don't colonize.
Hanar, no, too few, not warlike
Volus, no, obvious reasons.
Batarians could be possible, but for the most part they're whimpy pushovers.

Ships need discussing. Humans only have two massive ships. All SINS factions have five. There's only one massive Asari ship I know of - Destiny Ascention. Also needed are regular ships. Going to go play through ME1 to see what kind of ships are present during the final battle.

I was thinking for this we could have the SR2 as a "massive" ship, since it packs more punch then a bottle of concentrated jalapenios. But most geth ships look the same, and we've never seen a Salarian vessel.

Starbases need discussing. They are mentioned in ME2, meaning it would fit with the lore, but as to how they would look... Who knows.

Rest of the game already kind of fits with the lore. Wormhole models could be replaced by Mass Relays linking clusters.

SO... Give me ideas. I am an amateur modeler, so I can start making some of this stuff and contributing, but to start I need IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS.

Any input would be appreciated. Unless you're a troll.

TL;DR, what would be some cool stuff to have in a Mass Effect space battle RTS?

User Info: Iokua

6 years ago#2
If you have to leave that much out, give it up. You obviously lack the creativity necessary to create a proper mod.
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User Info: Reign_Tsumaraki

6 years ago#3
"Unless you're a troll."

I'm not the only one who's working on this. I'm just gathering ideas.

User Info: Shannon_Foraker

6 years ago#4
"Unless you're a troll" of course, applying to anyone who says something you disagree with.
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User Info: Puredogg

6 years ago#5
Your Salarians are definitely combat oriented. Kirrahe and his squad? Mordin? Ever read Redemption? There is definitely a vicious Salarian in there. And Krogans do travel, they just travel as individuals since the genophage is tearing them apart.
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User Info: Reign_Tsumaraki

6 years ago#6
No. "Unless you're a troll." Applying to people who come into a topic, leave no useful feedback, throw in an insult, and leave. I'd prefer people to disagree with me, since that gives different views on how things should be handled.

Such as Puredogg. I've never read Redemption, what is revealed in the book on Salarian combat?

One of the reasons I put them as "iffy" is because of Kirrahe and Mordin. They are both not normal. Kirrahe's team there was for spying in the first place, and one of Mordin's lines went something like "Everyone expects Krogan, Turian, human to be dangerous, not Salarian. Never see me coming"

But Salarians, if implemented, would probably rely more on economy and abilities rather then brute force.

On the Krogan issue, a species needs to be numerous enough to colonize planets and crew giant armadas. Krogan don't even have a unified government, so colonizing new planets and setting up governments across multiple systems and clusters seems very unlikely.

User Info: Phoenix6359

6 years ago#7
I've heard about this and I have Sins as well and it sounds like it could be really awesome (like the Lord of The Rings mid for Medieval 2: Total War). There is going to have to be a lot of imagination in this mod because as you said many of the races ships aren't shown, the Salarians not at all. The Turians are easier as their ships have a "look" to them, problem is I thought the Systems Alliance ships looked very similar to the Turian ships which could be a problem. Geth will have to be purely guesswork and I assume it will only be the Heretic Geth as we don't know if the normal Geth have the same ships as the Heretics (unlikely as the Heretic ships look sort of like Reapers). Asari and Salarians will have to imagination as the only ship we know belong to the Asari is the DA and Salarian ships are completely unknown. The Batarians, Krogan, Hanar (using Drell crew I suppose), Pirates and Volus are also completely unknown. Another thing I just thought of is that do the Geth live on planets? Legion says they don't live on the Quarian homeworld but is that unique or a rule they use everywhere and only live on starbases? Maybe you could make the Collectors similar to the Pirate faction that has the base near the central Sun and have them launch raids against planets? That would be pretty cool, maybe even have a Collector campaign in which you have orders from Harbinger to

User Info: Phoenix6359

6 years ago#8
^^ ipod glitched :P, abduct colonists from Worlds or steal ships. I haven't played Sins in a while so I'm not sure if either of those could implemented. In any case this mod will require a lot of new things that aren't in the games or books but if you pull it off it should be awesome.

User Info: Reign_Tsumaraki

6 years ago#9
Collectors would not work very well as Pirates. They have only one ship, and you could not raid their homeworld without the Reaper IFF.

As for the Geth, I do not think their ships would be very complex to make. All of them look the same, just different sizes. Dark blue chrome color. The already set "orbital colonies" work well, and the game already has resource asteroids, which against fits with what Legion said. Although I don't see how the Credit system would work for them... Parhaps it could be replaced with a different system completely. All other races using Credits, Geth using Programs. It would make sense... Every building/ship/unit and so forth would require different amounts of geth programs to operate.

As for the Asari, Light blue metal, Shiney, close to Advent style of ships possibly.

User Info: contown

6 years ago#10
Hmm. You could always throw the Valkyrie in the game as a batarian ship.

But in all seriousness, if you're looking for ideas on how to design the ships, here's some. For geth, looking at the geth themselves, their dropships, the ships at the end of ME1, and the geth base you go to for *spoiler*'s loyalty mission, they all have a pretty rounded, sleek/compact oval design. Maybe you could even have Sovereign as the geth's special unit. Like a battle cruiser in SC, or a Scarab in Halo Wars. The Ascension could be the special unit for the asari.

Humans and turians both seem to have more bulky, heavily armored ships. Lots of sharp edges. And salarian ships, I'd imagine, would be almost thin, very sleek, no space wasted, etc. Not as massive as human/turian ships. Something that looks like it was built for recon, not dogfights.

I dunno. That's all I got.
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