Vanguard or Sentinel?

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User Info: Flying_Paladin

6 years ago#1
After going through numerous playthroughs as a Soldier, I thought I'd try something different. Engineers & Adepts don't sound like something I'd want to play. Infiltrators are a maybe since they can cloak and use the Widow but strictly relying on long range combat isn't my style. That only leaves the Sentinel and Vanguard. Eventually I picked the Vanguard and so far I'm regretting it. I use Charge and I am immediately getting shot at by three enemies. Sometimes I get lucky and can get Barrier up before I die. For a class that focuses on short ranged combat so much they sure are easy to put down. And FYI I'm playing on Normal.

Currently I am at around seven hours in and I'm seriously thinking about restarting. From what I hear Sents are pretty durable. Maybe I'd enjoy them more.
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User Info: Falcon120

6 years ago#2
Going from playing Soldier over and over, Sentinel would probably be the easier transition. I went from playing Infiltrator on insanity to playing Vanguard on insanity, total opposites there haha. So either one works well. Vanguard just has the largest learning curve of all the classes.

The main way to play Vanguard is, for the most part, based on flanking your enemies. Charge the enemy way in the back and then hit the rest from two sides, your squadmates at front and you behind the enemies. Just make sure that anytime before you charge, you have an escape route at the ready. So you have to plan ahead before you charge. If you do so, you can charge anything on insanity and make it out alright. Also, instead of using barrier, you can just use charge again to replenish your shields. Might need to level it up first to do that, but it can work defensively in that regard.

Sentinel is by far the easier of the two classes, especially coming off of being a soldier. But I found the Vanguard to be more fun. But that's just me. Either way, it's definitely a viable class, even on insanity. Just takes a while to figure out.
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User Info: EzekyleAbadon

6 years ago#3
Basicaly the Vanguard is the class that imo needs the most strategy and good use of squad member's powers. It is the most rewarding though as you can clear an area faster than any other class if you do things right.
Sentinel is just the tank class and imo even more bland than the Soldier
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User Info: XavierHollywood

6 years ago#4
Vanguard is the offensive master of the game. But you cant just be all willy nilly with your charging. It must be tactical, and you need to have a great understanding of your environment (knowing who to charge, where to take cover after the charge etc.)

if the Vanguard is played properly you will decimate enemies like no other class can.

Level up your assault mastery to champion and Biotic charge to Heavy charge as quickly as possible.

Here is a video of a pro Vanguard (and it is surprisingly easier then you think to pull off). Hope it inspires you to keep going.

User Info: Michotic

6 years ago#5
If you're playing on Normal, then most enemies don't have any extra defense, so bring squad mates that can incapacitate foes. Concussive Shot, Throw, Pull, etc. Use those abilities to take out the enemy you aren't charging.

A good time to charge is when an enemy is jumping over cover. Take out that enemy, then duck behind the cover he just jumped over.
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User Info: Flying_Paladin

6 years ago#6
Which is better for a Vanguard, Reave or Slam?
GT: Lunar Zephyr
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User Info: placidGentleman

6 years ago#7
Reave is so much better than Slam.

User Info: flagg2kplus

6 years ago#8
Neither. Biotic charge will be your main power.

You need an ammo power to supplement it.

Either Warp Ammo or Armor Piercing.
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User Info: SirNordLeg

6 years ago#9
Actually you don't need a Ammo Power on a all. I think Inferno Ammo is only 10% less effective against armor than Tungsten Ammo and Inferno also gives you a small amount of Crowd Control with its panic motions the AI go through. There's multiple videos proving Ammo Powers are almost useless on Vanguards, considering you have Inferno and Cryo already.

Reave is the best option, I always use it while waiting for an opportunity to use Charge. Stasis is also very useful, if you have Lair of the Shadow Broker
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User Info: veralece

6 years ago#10
Soldier is very similar to Infiltrator Cloak is pretty much the same thing as adrenaline rush. I would go Vanguard you will probably like it better than the Soldier class. You just have to learn to be aggressive as a Vanguard, that's where they shine.

I would take a defensive abiltiy as a Vanguard IE: Fortification, Geth Shield Boost, Barrier. And take the sniper rifle as a bonus weapon on the collector ship mission.

Vanguards are the most fun class in my opinion.
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