Best way to take out YMIR mechs * minor spoilers *

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User Info: Mattheau

4 years ago#11
Glavewurm posted...
You got me to actually test it, and it seems you are right. Some sources say it ignores DamageHench, other that it ignores the difficulty mod (which I really doubt, but I figured that its difficulty mod was messed up, but not totally ignored). But after messing around with it, a triple headshot on shields does the same damage as a Mantis headshot for Garrus. Which is intended, Mantis would win with Shepard, but the Incisor has a much higher DamageHench.

Actually, it doesn't. Incisor has a 0.6 DamageHench, Mantis is 0.55, Widow is 0.57, and Viper is 0.65. Mantis and Widow both do more raw damage (Incisor has a shield and barrier damage bonus that they don't). In theory, Viper should easily out damage Incisor for squad members, but it doesn't.

Incisor is so good because their firing mechanics allow them to land more damage faster with burst fire weapons. Vindicator is also quite good in their hands, but Vindicator isn't as good as Incisor.

User Info: Glavewurm

4 years ago#12
Hmm, you're right. Memory had the Mantis at 0.45, and the damage I saw from Garrus made sense with that. The Mantis and Incisor both did roughly the same damage, when the Mantis should be doing roughly 20% more damage. I guess I could just be remembering the damage he did wrong, since it takes a few reloads to get Garrus to do exactly what you want, but you'd think +20% would be noticeable enough.

And yeah, burst fire is ideal, since they prefer to duck back into cover, but the base damage of it has always seemed off. And still does now, I guess.

*Edit* Tested it again, and the Mantis is doing a good bit more now. So either my memory was off from the reloads, or Garrus kept hitting them in the neck before. Either way, Incisor seems to be working fine.
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  3. Best way to take out YMIR mechs * minor spoilers *

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