Surviving the Suicide Mission (some spoilers)

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User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#1
For the new players just starting the Mass Effect games, here is a quick and simple guide to help Shepard and everyone else survive the Suicide Mission. Use this with the Mission Order guide I've posted here some time before to get the most out of your playthrough. I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

1) Treat the IFF mission as the point-of-no-return. Do not start it until you are ready.

2) Get the Armor, Shields and Weapons upgrades for the Normandy from Jacob, Tali and Garrus.

3) Secure everyone's loyalty by completing their Loyalty Missions. Tali, Thane, Samara and Zaeed's Loyalty Missions can be failed. You can complete them but fail to get their Loyalty so be cautious. Also you can lose the loyalty of Miranda/Jack and Tali/Legion if you don't use Charm/Intimidate during their fights with each other after their Loyalty Missions are finished.

The Suicide Mission:

1) Complete the IFF mission.

2) Recruit Legion and talk to him to acquire his Loyalty Mission immediately.

3) Immediately do Legion's Loyalty Mission. Deal with the Tali/Legion fight afterwards.

4) Access the galaxy map to trigger the Joker Mission.

5) Head straight for the Omega-4 Relay. Nowhere else.

6) Once at the Collector Base pick Miranda, Jacob or Garrus to lead the other fire team. Pick Legion, Tali or Kasumi as your tech expert. Whoever you pick must be Loyal.

7) Choose Mordin as the Escort. He must be Loyal.

8) Choose Miranda, Jacob or Garrus to lead the other fire team. Select Jack or Samara as your biotic expert. Whoever you pick must be Loyal.

9) Choose your final squad to take with you to the final battle. Pick from Miranda, Jack, Kasumi or Tali. I always take Miranda and Tali. They must be Loyal.

10) Defeat the final boss, make the final ending choice and watch the conclusion.

Perform all the preparations I laid out and follow my step-by-step guide and you will get everyone back from the Collector Base alive. These steps have never failed me.

There is some leeway, you can complete the Suicide Mission with a couple squadmates un-loyal but if you want to guarantee everyone comes back try to avoid this. You can also get away with picking someone besides Mordin as the Escort but it is simpler to just pick him.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy gaming!

User Info: grand_commander

4 years ago#2
The math is actually very forgiving with regard to who you send as the escort, and who you bring with you for the final boss. Jack, Kasumi, Tali, and Mordin will all help you the most to send as escorts or take with you, but so long as Grunt, Zaeed, and Garrus are all holding the line while you deal with the final boss then nothing else matters.

Assuming everyone is loyal, of course.
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