Just finished this masterpiece... spoilers

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User Info: Red04

4 years ago#1
And It's the second best game ever made after ME 1 imho (so far). Way ahead of It's time and a thrilling, spectacular and epic journey. Final chapter here we go!

All squad members except Mordin survived. I accidentally ignored sending an escort so Chakwas, Kelly and the rest of the crew became mincemeat in a heartbeat lol. Should've known better than to send unarmed, harmless crew members through a collector infested base. Common sense really but oh well, rest in peace random crew members XD

Using the M-920 against the human reaper was a good payback though, revenge never felt so good.
"Which witch switched the Swatch watch?"

User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#2
Congratulations on your first playthrough. Did you do all the DLC as well?

Shame about all the people who died. Mordin plays a big role in one story arc in ME3. Someone will replace him if he is dead but it's not quite the same without him.

So you've lost Chakwas, Kelly, Ken and Gabby too? None of them play major roles in ME3 but they do add some flavor to the game. Kelly gives you back your fish and Ken/Gabby can be invited back aboard the Normandy. You visit a hospital early in the game where you can have Dr. Chakwas rejoin you or invite your old friend Dr. Michel aboard. With Chakwas dead I recommend you pick up Michel.

Any chance you're willing to replay the Suicide Mission and get everyone out alive? This guide tells you how to save everyone.


If not, enjoy your playthrough of ME3. Make sure you have the Extended Cut DLC installed.
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