Please criticize my engineer build.

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User Info: Ernst_Junger

4 years ago#1
This is the only class I haven't played, until now.


-- Maxed overload (heavy)
-- Maxed drone (explosive)
-- Maxed incinerate (area)
-- Tech mastery (demolisher)
-- 2 in cryo
-- None in AI hacking (yet)
-- 2 in Geth shield bonus power; using it to quickly regenerate shields or move to new positions

I chose the sniper rifle as my extra weapon, and favor the Viper. I typically bring someone with a squad ammo power (armor piercing, incendiary).

I find I'm emphasizing heavy weapons more in this class, especially when confronting hordes of Collectors (rocket launcher), Krogans (Firestorm), or swarming Geth (Arc projector).

Unless I'm pinned down, I try to flank, frequently directing AI allies toward objectives or to hold the line while I come out behind. When I get in trouble, I activate Geth shield and have my allies bombard my position "danger close" with powers.

I take Zaaed as my heavy to numerous missions because of his Concussive Blast (maxed) and fragmentation incendiary grenade power (maxed). I take another biotic on Collector missions (warp/pull etc. plus Zaaed or Garrus' Concussive Shot). For tech missions, I take Mordin though I'll switch to Tali and Legion when I get them.

What else works? I've leaned toward an aggressive build, but weapons still are relatively weak compared to Soldier or Infiltrator. I have no biotic abilities, though their shielding can be stripped with Incinerate. I've been slaughtered on Daratar six times, so may need to wait closer to the end.

Is AI hacking a priority? I can reassign all points and recraft the character if necessary. I'm worried that I'll be torn apart during the suicide mission, especially toward the end.

User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#2
Not bad power allocation. I usually go for the Attack Drone upgrade because half the time my battles end before the drone has a chance to explode. For a bonus power I usually take Warp Ammo so the Engineer would have some sort of ammo power to call its own. For some missions the ideal squad doesn't include someone who has an ammo power they can share with you.

I rarely invest any points in AI Hacking. It is similar to Combat Drone in that it can be used as a distraction but it is a bit more situational. Mechs are somewhat common but the cooldown of AI Hacking can interfere with using other powers. Plus when I use it I often get my hacked mech confused with the other mechs and end up wasting ammo destroying it.

I would have only put one point into Cryo Blast. Its most effective use is against husks because it instantly kills them when they freeze. A single point is more than sufficient.

Sniper Rifle is a good bonus weapon for Engineers. Their primary role is crowd control and stripping enemy defenses and that is best done at a distance. Either Sniper Rifles or Assault Rifles are a good pick for Engineers.

Flanking is a good strategy but be careful with it. Engineers simply aren't as durable as the other classes. I understand that is why you took Geth Shield Boost but you still have to be careful. When you flank an enemy try not to let yourself get cut off from your squadmates. If you find yourself with a big squad of enemies between you and your allies you can be in big trouble. Soldiers are durable enough to fight their way through and Infiltrators have cloaking to help them escape but Engineers don't have those options. Hang back as far as you can so you'll have plenty of distance to use your weapons and powers but at the same time try to stay close to your squad.

Of course keep in mind that I'm a more cautious individual and not as comfortable taking the more aggressive and risky routes. You might be able to pull off your aggressive tactics better than I would.

User Info: njorls

4 years ago#3
I go with area overload, it's enough to strip a minion's shields on Insanity. You can usually hit 2 minions a few times in a mission and that's more than heavy does on an average mission.

I also go with attack drone as it always attacks, while explosive drone doesn't always explode. And the explosion only does damage, it doesn't knock back or anything.

You can just respec to AI Hacking for the geth missions, you get plenty of eezo so you might as well use it.

I don't like the sniper rifle as it zooms in when using powers which I find distracting but if you like it that's fine. My easiest engineer run used the Vindicator.

Mordin's great with an engineer, his cryo blast recharge is very low. Shepard strips the protections and Mordin ices them down. Bring soneone else with a weapon type or maybe warp for barriers and you're set.
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User Info: Ernst_Junger

4 years ago#4
Thanks to both of you. The cooldown tip on AI hacking is great. I'll do some reallocations. Plus, I'll get more for my bonus power. The Kasumi mission submachine gun is a great add for this as well. Aggressive play typically leads to failure. I'm getting killed a lot when battling Collectors and close quarters enemies when I separate from squad mates.

User Info: Aigonroth

4 years ago#5
Wooh haven't had much computer time lately but I can finally respond to this.

Area Overload
Area Incinerate
Attack Drone

Those are what I always do for my engineers, picking Destroyer over Mechanic is fine, I just prefer the extra Paragon and Renegade bonuses.

For your last power, maxing Cryo Blast is always a viable option, I personally pick Full Cryo Blast simply because of the fact that with Area Incinerate and Overload being able to strip the defenses of weaker enemies I might as well crowd control some of them quickly.

If you don't want to maximize Cryo Blast grabbing one of the stronger Bonus Powers isn't a bad idea (Reave, Stasis, Flashbang Grenade, etc.)

I personally skip any and all the defensive bonus powers. I would personally also skip AI hacking, but that is just me. As was said you can respec easily enough.
"I love nailing Asari, so ageless and superior. Then you get them and they squeal like schoolgirls"- Gianna Parasini, Mass Effect 2.

User Info: Ernst_Junger

4 years ago#6

Thanks. I'm ditching Geth Shield in favor of Cryo. Incinerate and Cryo, along with the disruptive blast take down almost everything. The drone herds the Husks and preoccupies other big enemies letting you spam yours and other teams' powers. You were the one who said not to neglect the Engineer class, comparing it to a Magi. You're right. I have to think about tactics and positioning, weapons loadouts for myself and the squad for specific levels, the right combinations of powers, and avoiding tight spots. It's a much more tactical game. Vanguard, Soldier, and Sentinel let you wade in and obliterate everything, and are much more forgiving.

Best class (most forgiving, etc.) for an insanity run?

User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#7
Ernst_Junger posted...
Best class (most forgiving, etc.) for an insanity run?

When I (finally) do my Insanity run I'm going to use a Soldier. Very durable and Adrenaline Rush is very useful to both attack and escape enemies. My second choice would be Sentinel because Tech Armor makes you very hard to kill when used properly.

User Info: Aigonroth

4 years ago#8
The most forgiving classes on Insanity are definitely Soldier and Sentinel they both come with powers that reduce your chances of dying significantly.

Also Soldier and Sentinel come equipped to deal with essentially any situation they would need to worry about from the get go.

The other classes have some are limited in someway without bonus powers.

After Soldier and Sentinel I would say Infiltrator is the next class in line.

Tactical Cloak is amazing for being able to relocate and combining it with the Widow never really gets old. Not to mention that Infiltrators can sneak past a lot of the infinite enemies parts, that is nice in and of itself.

Engineer would be next on this list. Combat Drone is great for distracting the majority of units in the game, sure it doesn't last that long against say an YMIR Mech or Praetorian but those are enemies that can also easily rip through Shepard, but your Drone can still provide a moment's reprieve from those enemies.

Adept would be 5th to me, Adepts operating under their full killing capacity is a sight to behold and is actually rather awesome. Singularity is great for holding even armored opponents in place (Adept was the only class able to shut up Harbinger before Kasumi was released). Pull sets up stronger Warp Detonations and of course Warp itself is immensely useful as a power.

Vanguard is the least forgiving class by far. Getting Charge right is probably the most difficult thing to do in the game, but once you do being the biotic pinball of death is still incredibly fun for me to play.
"I love nailing Asari, so ageless and superior. Then you get them and they squeal like schoolgirls"- Gianna Parasini, Mass Effect 2.

User Info: smeech8000

4 years ago#9
+1 on Sentinel for Insanity.

- Tech Armor is just waaaay OP
- Great balance of powers (Overload AND Warp)
- Solid loadout in the Locust (available immediately as Kasumi's mission is doable right out of the box even on Insanity). I typically pick up sniper on DCV.

Although the difficulties aren't comparable, ME3 Sentinel on Insanity is even easier. You can eventually get the cooldowns on Throw and Liara's Singularity down to 1s and 0.
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