Insanity Soldier (need some advice and help)

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User Info: 77svil

3 years ago#1
Start off with the bonus power - Is there a bonus power that will not instantly go to cooldown when I am using my Adren rush, or switching ammos? Currently I am using Geth Shields but as I level up further and further it is becoming less useful probably because I have used all my points for Hardened Adren rush, Shock trooper and 3 points in both Disruptor Ammo and Incendiary Ammo which leads to my next question.

I am going to have to choose a power to not put points into since I only get 60 points and with bonus power total points needed is 69. I was just wondering if the power I should neglect be Concussive Shot? or should I only get incendiary to rank3 and put those last 4 points into concussive shot?

Next question - Is there a list of when paragon triggers (LT) show up? Hate constantly looking at the lower left screen.

User Info: LordTrinen

3 years ago#2
Try checking here for a when any Interrupts happen. Warning: Expect spoilers.

I've done a lot of research on using a Soldier for my Insanity run and quite frankly none of the bonus powers sound like a good fit. I plan to pick one, maybe one of the grenade bonus powers, and just forget about it.

Adrenaline Rush, your class power and your ammo powers should be the ones you focus on the most with Adrenaline Rush coming first. Normally I would recommend putting some points into Concussive Shot because it can knock down and instantly kill Husks. Unfortunately all Husks (at least post-Horizon) have armor which means you can't knock them down until you strip it away.

Adrenaline Rush, your class power, Incendiary Ammo and then Disruptor Ammo are the powers I would focus on first in that order. For Incendiary Ammo at least give Shepard the non-squad version final upgrade to maximize Shep's firepower. The others you can take the squad version to give your allies some extra power.

User Info: Aigonroth

3 years ago#3
Okay for starters Shepard only gets 51 Points in ME2 to work with. You can only get more if your are using the glitch that let's you actually get more. (which if you are I don't care but just pointing out your info is wrong on total points w/o that glitch)

Secondly, no do not get rid of Inferno Ammo for Concussive Shot (in fact avoid concussive shot if at all possible it is one of the worst powers in Mass Effect 2).

Thirdly, avoid the defensive bonus powers like the plague they are terrible Hardened Adrenaline Rush is far superior for survivability. You can go through two full HAR uses and cooldowns in the time it would take for Fortification, Barrier, or GSB to cooldown once.

With Adrenaline Rush you are actually also being productive because you are killing things while using the power.

Fourthly, no all the bonus powers have cooldown times if you want one that will only be a minor interruption pick on of the powers with a three second cooldown (Slam, Neural Shock, or whatever the other one or two are)

Also if you are really looking to optimize your Soldier just max out Disruptor, Incendiary, and Cryo Ammo, then with your one remaining point grab Stasis or something else that works great as a one point power.
"I love nailing Asari, so ageless and superior. Then you get them and they squeal like schoolgirls"- Gianna Parasini, Mass Effect 2.

User Info: Ernst_Junger

3 years ago#4
Listen to Aigonroth. I used one of his soldier builds on Hardcore and it fit perfectly. You have Zaaed and Garrus with concussive shot, if you want it. I initially had it and rebuilt my character. The ammo powers are excellent, and Adrenaline Rush plus the Mattock or especially the M-76 Revenant obliterated almost everything.
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