After all... Brutal AI is just a cheater...

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  3. After all... Brutal AI is just a cheater...

User Info: Sin_Harvester

7 years ago#1
-Have 2x income then a player. (which seem unlimited to me)
-Super Micro Management with seems like instant cool down timer for second ability (3 Cryocopters can effectively shrink about 20 tanks within 5 sec)
- Impossible Air Force (with just two or three Air Fields and they will always spam nearly unlimited Air Force that can't be done by a human player)
-Super Fast Upgrading (You just finish producing your first tank and they are now producing final tier version of tanks and aircraft)

Well... I dun feel like it is a challenge anymore, especially when you are playing this game on Xbox. You can't win unless you play dirty like choosing a predictable commander and rush. Why did they even include this cheating AI as brutal enemy? It is way too illogical. They could make smarter AIs yet they chose to make the cheater AI .

It is like beating a cheated Akuma in street fighter 4 who can counter every of your moves, have twice of your health wiv fast regeneration and have unlimited ultra and super combos that he uses without fail...

I hope they'll make smarter AI rather than cheating AI in next game.

P.S:I am pretty sure that the developers got lazy, i think. Instead of programming a better and smarter AI for brutal, in included a cheater. You know EA, rite?
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User Info: Redfury509

7 years ago#2
Try putting 25,000 initial resources, and that way, you can tech, expand, and mass just as fast as the brutal CPU. It's how I always play against them in skirmish, and don't try having more than 25,000 initial resources, though, because it won't be challenging once you learn to rush.
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  3. After all... Brutal AI is just a cheater...

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