Xbox 360 controller compatable with this game?

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User Info: KrazyMind

8 years ago#1
Could i plug it into my tower?
Because this game was first designed for the 360, so im hoping they will have an option to use the controller on the computer.

User Info: surfingBROHAM

8 years ago#2
I don't see why not, you can do it with nearly any other game.
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User Info: Bonin12

8 years ago#3
More than likely, and by more than likely I mean a 99% chance.
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User Info: bjabjabja

8 years ago#4
Bonin, your percentage is too low. It's more like 99.999999999999999999999999999%.

User Info: xeionp

8 years ago#5
They will probably have the Orion built in the game
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User Info: X_CubeStation

8 years ago#6
I know for a fact you can. Not only have I done it, but you can see the devs do it in videos as well.
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