Best class to choose for me?

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User Info: rootbeer121

7 years ago#1
I'm a WoW player moving on from unoriginality into the world of superheroes, and I was wondering what would be the best framework to choose. My main on WoW was a hunter so I prefer ranged DPS. I'm also fairly skilled in tanking(not sure what it's called here), so a list of those would be awesome. Thanks.
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User Info: Cataclysm

7 years ago#2
Pick up some ranged powers, a defensive passive (defiance or invulnerability would be good for classic tanking), and choose your superstats to go with with passive. Defiance scales off con I believe and invul is str (well, right now con and str, but the con part is going away with the next major patch).

There you go, ranged DPS with tanking.
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