Can anyone give a review?

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User Info: the_lone_exile

9 years ago#1
since theres no reviews and I'm kinda interested in getting this game, can anyone give their own review of how they feel about this game?
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User Info: aya469

9 years ago#2
well OXM gave it a 9.0 and i just rented it and it is badass although i don't know if its worth a 60 dollar purchase right now with fable 2, gears 2, little big planet, socom and the last remnant on the horizon but it is definately a fun game.
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User Info: Wilky

9 years ago#3

i played the demo and loved the game. put it in the machine and hammered the game, got to level 10 need to do two races and i dont know what happened but the game for me lost its staying power, just felt like i had seen everything the game had to offer.

Still think its a great game but you will not play it forever. I am currently thinking about selling mine and when i first pre-ordered it i was saying how this game was a keeper.

Whilst it lasts i think its brilliant. You should get a good 8-10 hours gameplay out of it so for $60 its still cheaper than a trip to the cinema

User Info: WonderCaliban

9 years ago#4

Short, but one of the best racing experiences on the 360. Highly polished.

Scratch underneath the arcade style racing and you have good AI, intelligent tracks in which you need to develop skill to persevere. Getting 1st on all tracks takes about 8 hours. I played thorough it twice and have got 1000 GP from it. Took about 20 hours.

Also a game which has no real bugs or issues (something unique for games today).

Only downside is the online in which it can be difficult to get into a ranked game.

User Info: bry6trump

9 years ago#5
the game has gotten a little stale for me too mostly because i have beaten World Tour and theres no reason to go back to play that ever can be fun if theres people playing but there really isnt...

great tracks, great gameplay, great graphics, just lack of players online...
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