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User Info: blaster195

8 years ago#1
I was wondering how do you do the wildcard formation on ncaa 2009 i was thinking you could do it while your in the play selection screen and u hit the right joy stick to the right to change it but i figured out that is wasnt. is it even on the game ?

User Info: blaster195

8 years ago#2
^^^i mean wildcat lol

User Info: PistolHappyDude

8 years ago#3
I think some teams have that wildcat formation in their playbook already. Otherwise, you could cheese it and put your HB as the number 2 QB on the depth chart and when you want him under center or in the shotgun, just hit the right stick until the substitution says Backup QB.

* Also - you must switch your #1 and 2 HB's in the depth chart so that your number 1 HB is not on the field as a QB and a HB. Hope this helps.
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