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User Info: BrandonMarvin

9 years ago#1
Below is a detailed description of all comic book and jump locations. The mission required to unlock each comic book are listed below. Thanks to all of those that helped in the description of these comic book and jump locations and thanks to Dr Doomsday who helped out a lot by posting maps from the strategy guide showing all of the hidden items, listed at the thread below. --- .


#01 Face of the Monster is located at the Latverian Embassy
#02 Bruce and Goliath is located at Stark Tower
#03 The Flop-tastic Four is on the Baxter Building
#04 Sonic Assault is located two blocks west of One World Plaza, two blocks north of the Reuters Building, where the two intersect, on a ledge mid-building.
#05 Bye Bye Bi-Beast is located at the southern tip of the island near the docks. It's in a pass thru the building.
#06 Talbot the Madman is located at the Daily Bugle
#07 Just a Hop Skip and a Jump is on the domed roof of the World Financial Center.
#08 Blonsky....Broken ....if u go to the latverian embassy, then go toward central park from there, then when u get to the last building before central park turn south and it is on top of tallest building with the dom top.
#09 Turrett Syndrome is in the Central Park subway terminal
#10 Fired From the Sky is located on the rooftop of Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law
#11 The Lesser of Two Evils is located ontop of a fountain near the Flatiron Building.
#12 Enclave's Ultimate Weapon is located on the Belvedere Castle in Central Park near the lake. It's unmarked on the map. #13 The is Only a Test ....start at the top right corner of central park and go up 1 square(u should be on a big square building on the map)go right 1 building and you will see it in the upper left of the lower roof of that building.
#14 Betty's Peril is located on the top of the Flat Iron Building
#15 Abomination Domnination is located at the Marvel Comics Office front door


#01 Face the Monster/ Complete He must Not Escape
#02 Bruce and Gioliath/The Enclave and Rick Jones
#03 Floptastic Four/ A Friend Who can Help
#04 Sonic Assualt/ Just Take him down
#05 Bye Bye Bibeast/ A Mass Mind COntrol Device
#06 Talbot THe Madman/ This Guy's Bad News
#07 Just a Hop, Skip/ Destruction in a Single Bound
#08 Blonsky Broken/ Our Old Research Data
#09 Turret Syndrome/ The Problem is the Hulk part 2
#10 Fire from the sky/ PISTH part 3
#11 The lesser of Two evils/ The lesser of two evils part 2
#12 ENclave's Ultimate Weapon/ LOTE part 3
#13 This is Only a Test/ We can use their tech part 2
#14 Betty's Peril/ It's time to end this part 2
#15 Abomination Domination/ We've got the antidote.


#01 World Financial Center
#02 Behind the Woolworth Building
#03 20 Exchange Place
#04 Third Building South of The Flat Iron Building
#05 Beside the Empire State Building- Fall into it
#06 Madison Square Garden
#07 US Trust Building
#08 The building north of the Reuters Building it has a cool star shaped top. a flat top not pointy the jump ring is horizontal so you'll have to look up to see it [near old times square] check your map first. it's the building directly above it in the map.
#09 South of Time Square, near #8, a little further south between a skyscraper and a smaller buidling, it's down low
#10 Swiss Bank Tower
#11 Citigroup Center
#12 Carnegie Hall
#13 Time Warner Center
#14 Just South East of the Empire State University Subway
#15 North Central Area of Central Park

User Info: BrandonMarvin

9 years ago#2

Choose "The Problem With The Hulk Par 3" from the map screen. The is the mission where a laser beam is targeting the Hulk from the sky and you must destroy the satellite at the top of the building. Once you get to the top of the building, stand there a moment and the Enclave will dog pile you. Once this happens a button pushing cinematic pops up. Press the appropriate button frantically and your achievement is unlocked.

User Info: CalistoCoon

9 years ago#3
You are the best Marvin, thanks.

User Info: BrandonMarvin

9 years ago#4
Thanks man. Wish I had the patience to collect all of the gamma and fury canisters, but I certainly don't. Hope you guys have fun with this.

User Info: CalistoCoon

9 years ago#5
I won't either, but at least this will help people with the more enjoyable fetch quests.

Also thanks for the Enclave Dogpile tip thing, I would of never figured that out without you. I thought it was a storyline thing.

User Info: CalistoCoon

9 years ago#6
Oh yeah, what is the mission with the Enclave Swarms in them? I need to kill one more.

User Info: BrandonMarvin

9 years ago#7
I'm not sure which one has the swarms in it, It's one of the first ones. Just go to your map menu and go to Rick Jones and The Enclave, then pick one of the early ones. That should do it. I think I had the same issue up until a certain point and I ended up just playing one of the Enclave missions at the end where you have to fight Jupiter (I think) and I got lucky.

User Info: CalistoCoon

9 years ago#8
Well I'm tagging you for a sticky, this tells people everything they need to know.

User Info: CalistoCoon

9 years ago#9
Well I just did all the Enclave and Rick Jones missions and I didn't see a single Swarm, so anything else you can think of?

User Info: CalistoCoon

9 years ago#10
The mission is Enclave on the move, you might want to add it to a V2 of your guide.
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