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The MOST Powerful Hulk

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User Info: gundoug

9 years ago#1
What Hulk is MOST Powerful?

The Savage Hulk

Mr. Fixit (Grey Hulk)


Green Scar


Red Hulk

The Devil Hulk

User Info: GreenLanternPri

9 years ago#2
People will say the Green Scar but it is actually Savage Hulk based on things we've seen. The Green Scar does not possess the invulnerability that Savage Hulk has. GS has had more swollen eyes and gushing wounds in any five issues than the Hulk has had in any five years based on what has been printed.

Green Scar is simply more popular because he's perceived to be more interesting being less powerful than the Hulk. Green Scar needs armor and a sword but the Hulk never depended on things like that based on what we've actually seen printed and not what we'd like to think.

User Info: Zimmy

9 years ago#3
I'm not that up on canon but I think War Hulk (not the World War/Planet Hulk) was the strongest.
I think he either cracked Juggernaught's helmet or pushed him back, one of the two.

User Info: AnubanUT

9 years ago#4
Well yeah if you are including him War would seem to be the most powerful version so far. Given how badly he manhandled Juggernaut when he had his full power. But I don't know the Savage Hulk could give him a run for his money based on what I have seen. Again I will always point to those incredible feats of strengths the Hulk is known for and the fact that the Savage Hulk was the one who did all these feats. Including cracking Onslaughts armor when NO OTHER hero not even Thor, could.

Still the version that exists in the Pocket Universe was also incredibly powerful as was the alternate reality version that appeared very briefly during the time Banner and the Hulk were separated after the fight with Onslaught. Then of course the Maestro who is supposedly class 200 and who easily beat the Prof Hulk. But then again the Green Scar/WWH version beat down the heroes with such ease and actually beat Sentry its hard not to think he may be the strongest. Now we have a red Hulk who appears even stronger than many of these Hulk variants.

User Info: jumpoff123

9 years ago#5
Ok first off let me clear some things up.

It was mindless hulk that cracked onslaughts armor, not savage hulk, there IS a difference.

Also, green skar is the most powerful incarnation of the hulk yet. Did any of you actually read wwh?or even planet hulk? The man shifted tetonic plates of the planet sakaar with this hands, was melted down to bone and instantly regenerated back.

Savage hulk has been knocked out many many times, has some of THE most embarassing losses in all of marvel and has struggled with heros that green skar destroyed.

Green skar beat the sentry, whom was considered 1 of the 3 strongest beings around (exluding cosmic entities). He also beat a zom possessed dr strange.

You're talking about hulk getting bruised etc. in wwh, he was fighting the sentry. Savage hulk has been impaled and had trouble healing when dead pool stabbed him with a pole.

Go ahead and mention the mountain lifting. Green skar was causing earthquakes all throughout the northern hemisphere when he was stomping the ground, if he hadnt been zapped he would have destroyed everything.

Green skar by FAR, even the writers said this has been the most angry and strongest hulk so far.

User Info: AnubanUT

9 years ago#6
It was not mindless Hulk who beat Onslaught. You act like you know so much about the Hulk and you can't even get that correct. In fact how do I know it was the Savage Hulk and not the mindless Hulk ... well it is pretty simple. The Mindless Hulk NEVER ... I mean NEVER spoke a word ... he couldn't speak a word he was mindless. Well what does the Hulk do while he is fighting Onslaught ... he tells him that he is makes him mad and that he is the strongest one there is. These are known celebrated catch phrases for the Savage Hulk and not the mindless Hulk. Now if you can just admit you were wrong about that I can respect you and maybe debate you on the other issues you brought up ... but if you are going to stubbornly cling to that being the mindless Hulk despite the clear evidence to the contrary then I have nothing more to say to you.

User Info: AnubanUT

9 years ago#7
There is no doubt that War Hulk has demonstrated he is more Powerful than the Green Scar as well. That was proven by the Green Scar not being able to easily beat or even move back a fully powered Juggernaut. War had no such difficulties at all. He easily beat down Juggie doing something no other being has ever done ... stop him from moving forward while he was at full motion, and not only hold him but actually move him back and ultimately toss him away. In fact War was about to behead with a blade that had the power to kill even the Juggernaut and the Juggernaut could do nothing .... the only reason he is still alive is because Rick Jones interfered.

And Sentry IS a cosmic level being ... he is considered more powerful than the Phoenix and the race of the Watchers ... he may even be on par with the Celestials. I always laugh when people fell to grasp just how powerful a MILLION exploding suns is. That is power almost beyond imagination and there is now way he was using even a fraction of that power in his fight against the Hulk or the galaxy itself would have been destroyed ... Look up how much energy is released when one star explodes ... multiply that by a million and you are looking at something that defies imagination almost.

As for Zom you need to do your research because that incarnation was not even close to the full of Zom ... anyway you have lots to learn and while I am the biggest Hulk fan around I am no blind fanboy. Also that was not Black Bolt WWH beat but a Skrull ... so again I would say War first but he was augmented by Apoc so I would rather choose a non altered Hulk so it would be the Savage Hulk ... the one who is going to come back and beat down the Red Hulk (though I expect it to be a real challenge ... maybe his greatest one since when he first faced the Abomination and was almost killed by him).
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