Garden 7

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User Info: ChildOfTheSun

9 years ago#1
Makes me want to vomit!


The people at Q-Games, they are mean. =(

User Info: MaximusDM

9 years ago#2
Yeah. Garden 7 and up is when the **** hits the fan. At that point they aren't playing around. It gets real hardcore real fast. The background of Garden 9 will make you want to cut out your eyes. Haven't even entered Garden 10, I figured I don't want to break my controller in frustration just yet.
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User Info: EvoAnubis

9 years ago#3
Garden 7 is the ish! Can't wait to see what 8 has in store for me.
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User Info: slikker

9 years ago#4
I'm already vomitting at garden 5

User Info: TerranBane

9 years ago#5
Garden 5 I encounter trouble after I get the third spectra... garden six wasn't too bad, but the colors weren't great. But Seriously... some of these gardens are just... destroying my brain. Gardens one through four weren't that bad, and five and six just need to be learned.... but seven and eight? They are INSANE. To guy waiting for eight - enjoy it! XD
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User Info: BIackWaltz

9 years ago#6
Haha wow I'm only at Garden 4, this stuff sounds intense. I hope someone reaches ten soon to give us his opinions on it.

and which one is "Druck der Farben". The PS blog says it's their favourite.
- The BIack Waltz

User Info: Saich

9 years ago#7
Druck der Farben is garden 9, if I recall correctly. The only tricky thing is that the prowlers instantly cut your line. Other than that just be prepared to hang upside down quite a bit. Much easier than 7 and 8, which are definitely the most frustrating in my opinion.

User Info: BIackWaltz

9 years ago#8
Alright, thank you.
I guess I have a while to go.
- The BIack Waltz

User Info: ChildOfTheSun

9 years ago#9
I actually liked Garden 8, didnt make me want to vomit lol.

Havent tried 9 yet. But 7... yikes.

I got 1 spectra on 7 and never want to go back lol.

Getting all seeds on that level is going to require a barf bag or three.

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