Sam >>> those other broads, agreed?

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User Info: Vuts_Up

8 years ago#1
Sam is wonderful, likes to strangle guys between her legs and happens to wear even TIGHTER suits on more then 1 occasion! Owned.
Why is everyone so angry nowadays?

User Info: _The_Blode_

8 years ago#2
psh. Jill gets totally eaten out in RE: The Umbrella Chronicles.

User Info: Gunpo

8 years ago#3
I'm eating whip cream... o.O
I am a cracker

User Info: Blow_My_Mind

8 years ago#4
Clover is best Sam is ugly
The Joy of Learning is that you dont HAVE to listen!

User Info: Vuts_Up

8 years ago#5
Clover? CLOVER?! Dude she's garbage. She's annoying and useless, and causes 90% of the problems.
Why is everyone so angry nowadays?

User Info: Justindbz

8 years ago#6
TC speaks the truth... but Sam is mine!
When you hear the pan flute and you're not asian be prepared for an ass whooping.
-Adam Carolla

User Info: LadroAnima

8 years ago#7
Red heads > all
I'm the keeper of the heart that lightens up the dark of Kandrakar
Close, the necklace that I hold, should never be too far; I'm keeper of the heart
Sam's okay, but I <3 Alex.

User Info: Sheik2021

8 years ago#9
Alex ftw

User Info: Vuts_Up

8 years ago#10
ALEX?! Hot?! Seriously?! Her personality is good, but she's ugly and is kind of like the kid sister out of the group. She holds back the team, and even quits / gets replaced at times by Brittney!


Sam: Brains, beauty, Mature (Well more then Sam / Alex anyways)
Special trait: Much better fighter then Sam / Alex
Cons: Tries to keep the other 2 in line and be the role model, even though she has many faults herself (I.E Telling them to clean and be neat like her, but then her room is a MESS! Curiosity is always her downfall.

Clover: Beauty
Special trait: It's a bit double edged, but her persistence and stubborn personality tend to make the bad guys spill the beans early enough for something to be done about it, or aim a laser in her face. Even if not for this, every male villain tends to totally (No pun intended) fall for her.
Cons: Always gets captured or ruins stealth by clumsiness, Easily gets distracted / sidetracked. Can't rely on her for almost anything.

Alex: Athleticism, Courage
Special trait: Sporty and aggressive, doesn't freak out at EVERYTHING like the other 2.
Cons: No glaring weaknesses, but nothing really special other about her at all.

Feel free to add or change or just right whatever you want, Gotta go for now.
Why is everyone so angry nowadays?
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  3. Sam >>> those other broads, agreed?

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