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User Info: _The_Blode_

8 years ago#1
someone buy it nao
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User Info: GEL

8 years ago#2
Done and done. It's decent.

The game is played in a weirdly co-operative competitive way. You and your friends are on one side working together to take down the computer player. Your team and the enemy both have life bars. When you play a mini-game, how well you do determines how many stars you get and the strength of the trap you set. If the computer lands on your trap, it takes damage. Drain it's lifebar to win. The star totals which indicate who "won" are shown at the end but it's played down as technically everyone won.

The computer DOES cheat but is underpowered as all it can do is move around, place 1 damage traps, and destroy your traps if it lands on it's home square. Of course, there's some sort of "twist" to each one revealed when it happens. One enemy made it so sometimes Gadget squares would be a trap while another could only be killed by a 4 damage trap.

On the flip side, YOU have Gadgets you use AFTER rolling the dice allowing you to out-cheat the computer.

Interesting concepts. Boards look bland but the mini-games are cel-shaded well and look like the show. None are too ambitious but all have worked. I have had no control issues yet. Also there's a TON of outfits to unlock for each girl.

Also, you can shake the Wiimote to shake the dice cup. I felt this was a nice touch.

Biggest issue is that more mini-games are added for each board, so the first board seems to only have ONE mini-game! It improves as the game goes on but that first board is kinda annoying. Also the sushi eating game is broken in multi-player for player 1 (they can't see what's coming and thus can't react correctly). Thus far that's about it.

Not bad for the budget price.

User Info: GameOz

8 years ago#3
I picked this up for my kids and it is actually pretty good. I liked the cartoon and this game is fun, especially when you consider the price.
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