how to unlock sasori and deidara

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User Info: sifu101

9 years ago#1
Can someone please tell me how to, PLS?
I have been trying so hard but i can't get further anymore.

User Info: Moonlit12

9 years ago#2
Hi Sifu101,

I just unlocked Deidara and Sasori so I will tell you how to do it.
To unlock Deidara and Sasori, you have to clear Shino's request in the story mode.
In the Chapter Four, when you get out Godaime's office, instead of clearing the "normal" mission, go down of the town ( there are two red circles, one above Tsunade's office and another one at the bottom of the map ).
Once u're there, you'll see again two red circles : one is near the river, that's Shino and the other refers to Temari.
By clearing Temari's request (easy to understand), u'll unlock Kisame and Itachi.
Shino's request : He'll give you 6 sort of bags to catch butterflies. Leave Konoha (huge gate), u'll be in a forest where the enemies are all butterflies. BUT there are two kind of butterflies : weaker ones (very easy to kill) and more powerful ones (resist more to ur attacks). Catch a POWERFUL butterfly by pressing the button A (the char will throw the bag instead of his special). i advise you first to damage him a little, when little hps left just throw the bag.
Use all ur bags and Naruto will automatically leaves the forest. I've caught 3 powerful butterflies, that was enough to unlock Deidara and Sasori. Go back to Shino, a japanese message will confirm u the unlocking characters.

Hope I was enough clear in my message
Have a good game =D

User Info: AlexFili

9 years ago#3
Yeah I was about to rush here and say that too.
The strong and weak butterflies are almost identical, but one takes a lot more damage then the first.

Don't spam A like a nutcase either, because you only have 6 cases.
Try and weaken the butterfly to it's last bit of life, and then press A when you're close.

User Info: sifu101

9 years ago#4
thank you so much you have made my day. Thanks to you too AlexFili!!!

User Info: j_ster_0789

9 years ago#5
dont hassle doing that, download my save i posted

User Info: Bason44

9 years ago#6
And where the heo is the fun is downloading a save file <_< Ruins the whole game.
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User Info: NarutoThomas2

9 years ago#7
i did the bug think but i never got the chars then i did the other thing and i got the other chars for that but not the shino one help i only need 3 more chars

User Info: WW804

9 years ago#8
after getting the ugly butterflies, you have to go back to shino to give him the butterflies. if you don't give them to him, you can't unlock them.
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