Facts about leveling.

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User Info: Rydonne

8 years ago#1
Okay so in the interest of knowledge I used a max exp cheat to figure out the following information. I considered putting it in the "my theif" topic but it seemed like a bad idea to mix all this in that jumble.

First and foremost all classes max out at 99. Also if you want max hp you had better be sure to save before each level as 1 hp ups are common for all classes. The game does use an rng which is determined as soon as you exit the tower and is only reset after entering the tower, fighting, and then leaving, or the much easier save and load.

Now as far as the secondary classes, Samurai et al, it is not a matter of leveling up enough and "poof," nor does it seem to be a matter of achieving a certain level then returning to the guild. HOWEVER it is obviously done at a guild (note the picture on Atlus' own site under character creation). So as far as I can tell without actually progressing the game there is either an event that triggers the guild to give you secondary classes OR an entirely different guild in the tower.

Okay now onto the random tidbits I found.

Oaths are warrior only. As far as I can tell they do... nothing? I've broken several and received no reprimand of any kind.
The oaths are as follows, obviously paraphrased:
level 6
No grabbing cat tails.
No eating dog meat.
No eating fruit.
No climbing trees.
Level 12
No item use during battles.
Always pray before entering the tower.
No aborting quests.
No changing equipment in the tower.
Level 24
No attacking unidentified enemies.
No running from unidentified enemies.
No ambushing enemies.
No defending.
Level 48
No casting spells during battles.
No casting spells while moving in the dungeon.
No running from battles period.
No using spells to return to town.
Level 96
No letting enemies escape.
No killing dragons.
No killing demons.
No killing giants.

All Races can be any faith. I believe it is 10 prayers that is required but I am not sure. Each prayer must be after a tower run which I assume is only one fight in the tower required. Faith levels are increased by praying and be leveling up in the priest class.

You are considered whatever class has the highest level. EG start an mage level him twice in priest and he is now considered a priest. You also only get hp from leveling the class you are considered. Also on the matter of hp it seems to be random based on three things. Vit, class, and level but its so random I can't tell for sure.

So far I haven't seen any use for most skills also they are determined by class level and not stats. The skills are(-> denotes you need one to learn the other):
lock picking
healthy lifestyle
anceint languages
tree climb-> acrobatics
singing-> music
arts and crafts
stage magic
military strategy

These are the stat caps which are based on race but not class.

One more post.

User Info: Rydonne

8 years ago#2
For spells you will max out amount of casting per level for 1-7th levels by level 18. Also the 8th and 9th levels seem to be Secondary class exclusive, so a pure mage won't get them. Spells can be unlearned to learn others. The spells per level are, listed by what they do not name(and they are in EXACT order):
Level 1
Sleep on group.
Damage 1 enemy.
Show location on map.
Reduce caster's ac 2.
Level 2
Increase ST 2; reduce ac 1 (any ally).
Increase ac 4 on group.
Reduce caster's ac 4.
Level 3
Fire on group.
Identify enemy (lasts until exit).
Increase spell resist (all allies).
Increase caster's dex 3.
Lightning 1 enemy.
Level 4
Fire on group.
Lightning 1 enemy.
Increase dex 3 on all allies.
Level 5
Blizzard on group.
Summons a monster to be your ally.
Inflicts death all enemies level 8 or lower.
Reduce ac 4 and increase spell resist on all allies.
Increase trap evade (lasts until exit).
Level 6
Suffocate group.
Increase ac 5 all enemies.
Deal half caster's hp in damage to enemy (doesn't take said amount away though).
Level 7
Non-elemental damage on all enemies.
Sword of light becomes caster's weapon.

Level 1
Low heal.
Holy damage to one enemy.
Reduce ac 1 all allies.
Reduce caster's ac 4.
Level 2
Reduce ac 5 on ally.
Silence group.
Cure para, sick, sleep.
Level 3
Reduce ac 4 on all allies.
Holy damage to one enemy.
Heal mid.
Increase spell resist all allies.
Level 4
Cure poison.
Reduce ac 3 all allies (lasts till exit).
Increase caster's stats slightly.
Reduce ac 10 on ally.
Level 5
Heal+cure (not petrify or death).
Silence all.
Death to one enemy.
Level 6
Full heal+cure (not death).
Exit tower.
Holy damage on group.
Heal group+cure (not petrify or death).
Increase resistance to ailments.
Level 7
Revive+full hp.
Death to group.
Increase all allies stats.
Increase spell/ailment resist (lasts till exit).

User Info: Astroshak

8 years ago#3
Ryd, would you mind doing your cheat with neutral and chaotic casters/priests (if its possible to have a neutral priest)?

I ask this because the instruction book expressly states what the first 4 levels of spells are for priests and mages, and also that some spells are exclusive to Lawful and some spells are exclusive to Chaotic alignments.

Just looking at the instruction booklet, it says there are 5 level 3 mage spells - damage 1 enemy with hit of lightning being a "lawful only" one. It also states there are 5 level 4 mage spells : the fireball one being lawful only, and two you did not list as they are chaotic only, one puts all enemies to sleep, the other deals damage to one enemy equal to half the caster's hp.

It also lists a chaotic only level 4 priest spell that cures 1 ally of any status ailments except petrification or death, and it calls the level 3 priest spell that increases spell resistance lawful only.

Basically, askin so we can see which spells are which alignment only - and whether there are neutral only spells (which are not mentioned in the instruction manual).

User Info: kungming2

8 years ago#4
thanks for the info, can you please post the exact requirements to get the advanced classes??

User Info: c0rr0s10n

8 years ago#5
It also states on page 19 of the instruction book that if you break an oath you receive an EP penalty making it take longer to achieve next level.
"Gamerscore is even less useful than the point on who's line is it anyways. You don't get to sing the credits when you get achievements "_The_Blode_

User Info: Eevee208

8 years ago#6
So far I haven't seen any use for most skills also they are determined by class level and not stats. The skills are(-> denotes you need one to learn the other):

then why can't my mage learn gambling? other people's can.

is it perhaps determined by alignment then?

User Info: Rydonne

8 years ago#7
Astro: Didn't thinl about that. Will do it in a moment, however ou CANNOT be a priest that is neutral. I assume you cannot change your alignment after becoming a priest either.

Kung: I don't know the requirements yet. Thought that was pretty clear.

C0rr: That makes sense. And it means warriors are at a disadvantage... that... sucks.

Eevee: Hum... I really don't know. I'll look at that when checking the above mages and priest.

User Info: DivinePaladin

8 years ago#8
Did you make the new class ?
I was thinking when under the new class, since you level in the new class, maybe the hp ups will be better, also if you consider new prestige class, the max stats might change a little, like maybe Halfling ninja can have 21 dex, who knows :)
Also , do i really need to save load a lot for HP ? I REALLY HATE THAT
Paladin of the Divine Order

User Info: Rydonne

8 years ago#9
Hooooookay. So skills have two requirements. Class level and stats. Eevee I think your problem is not having 13 dex. That is the requirement for both acrobatics and gambling. It may also need int but I do not know. If you told me its stats I could probly figure it out faster as this is way too tedious a process for me to want to sit here and go through each character three or four times with different stats and levels.

As far as the spells go The lightning and dex spell on level 3 is lawful only but chaotics still get the one on level 4. That seems to be the only change on the first 7 levels of mage. Neutral and Chaotic both miss out on two spells to be replaced by... nothing.

Then for priests chaotics get divine touch, cures ailments, but lawful doesn't. And again that's it. Either all the interesting alignment only spells are 8th and 9th level or someone lied to someone else. Namely instruction manuals to poor unsuspecting gamers.

User Info: Rydonne

8 years ago#10
Divine: I have characters in every class. Warriors got the highest boosts ending in the 700-900 range. Then my elf mage at about 600 then my theif at almost 500. Then after doing another two mages and i priest we have: mage1 with 10 vit at 361. Mage2 with 18 vit ending at 540. Which is a significant boost but still no where near max considering we have a thousands place. For the priest, again with 18, I ended up with 665.

This shows me that while vit does increase your chances of larger numbers you can still get 1's every single time. So yeah. Save and load. And yeah, its really really stupid. I see no reason for a warrior with 20 vit to ever get less than 10 hp at a level... and yet it happens.
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