Secret to getting Gold Medals?

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User Info: theandy2000

7 years ago#1
What is it? I can seem to beat most stages with ease, but have only secured a few gold medals. I never lose any cores, but my scores always seem to be a little under what is necessary for the gold. Also, towards the beginning of the game, the computer voice mentions something about conserving resources, and how that will benefit me in the long run. Can somebody explain this system to me? I am loving this game, and it has awoken a tower defense animal in me!

User Info: alderaine

7 years ago#2
Golds are challenging, but the secret stems from the way scoring works.

Each tower is worth 75% of the money spent on it at the end of the level - by implication, the less towers you build, the closer you are to gold.
Selling towers then building another in its place is generally a bad idea from a gold medal point of view.

Keeping cash spare is good, since that is worth 100% of its value in points.

You will gain a percentage of the money you have in the bank every few seconds for every core safe in its housing (i.e. for every core showing as green) - orange and red cores do not contribute, so it is good to keep as many cores as possible at home!

Saying that, unless you keep a large amount in the bank (>1000) the interest is negligable, so the best way to get spare money at the end is simply to try to avoid building/updgrading towers on the last wave where possible.

Practice on the "simple" challenges (such as the ones where the enemies are easier) and build up from there.

On the fixed income levels, it should be relatively easy to work out hoe much money you need to keep in the bank.

User Info: Russian Rocket

Russian Rocket
7 years ago#3
Check the leaderboards and check out the average number of towers used....then shoot for that. Generally you can have a few more towers than the top guys though. Also, when in doubt build less. You can always go back to the last checkpoint and build more if you screw up. I had a tough time getting them at first but now I have gold on all the story campaigns.
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User Info: Rudiger

7 years ago#4
The leaderboard tower count doesn't always tell the full story. There are some with very high tower counts. It can vary a lot with minor impact on score because seven green towers have a cost and sell value about the same as one red tower of the same base type.

They've been mentioned:
Build only what you need and only when you need it.
As much as possible, keep the cores in the housing (green), not just on the map (amber).
Money in the bank and cores in the housing give more interest.

Don't lose any cores. Each remaining (non-red) one is worth 1,000 points toward the score.

If available, build a command tower in an area with high kills. Command towers give resource bonuses. They may seem high cost/low reward but they also have a sell value, so you only have to recover 25 percent of their cost to break even.

The theory seems sound, but I haven't tried this: Some recommend selling towers during the final wave after all aliens have passed them and they are no longer needed for pathing. This doesn't provide any more value for the tower itself, but it puts resources in the bank that can gain more interest.

User Info: theandy2000

7 years ago#5
Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure I've nailed the strategies. I went back and now have Gold in all levels except for the one I'm currently one (2nd unknown level). That level is driving me insane!

User Info: TheSwedishChef

7 years ago#6
Well, then how does upgrading your weapons affect this as well.

Or, is it more valuable for your score to spend your resources upgrading everything first? Or is it better, to fill the map with towers, then upgrade the vital ones?

User Info: Rudiger

7 years ago#7
It only matters how much and when you spend, not what you spend it on, so do whatever lets you build and kill more efficiently. Upgraded towers sell for 75% of what you spent on them just like green ones. One red gun tower costs the same as seven green towers at 700 resources. One red gun tower sells for .75 x (100 + 200 + 400) = 525, and seven green gun towers sell for .75 x 7 x 100 = 525.
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