Gate Glitch

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User Info: SONIC_305

7 years ago#1
After sid's mansion, it said to save the town from gargoyles. And i didnt know how to kill them because i didnt know how to change items yet. So i wandered over to another gate, and even though it was closed, it let me walk through it. When i walked more down the path it led me to the dam. after i blew it up, i dd a few missions including the gargoyle one. Then it led up to the mission where i have to destroy the dam. But when i talk to ham, he tells me to hurry up, but i already blew up the dam, anyway to fix this?
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User Info: keato3753

7 years ago#2
I am currently playing woody's round up and I am stuck on the build a school for bo peep mission I have bought the school from al's toy barn and has been constructed however the mission says not complete and bo peep will not stop asking for one typical women lol.. Please anyone can you help me out don't wanna start again.

User Info: skip2mylizzle

7 years ago#3
This game mode is extremely glitchy. I believe both of you will have to start a new toy box over

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