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User Info: Tiesto05

9 years ago#1
i'm actually kinda disappointed. Being that i was not a fan of Clive Barker's Jericho... i really don't think i'm going to like this kind of playing mechanics. I'm not a fan of the whole, "let's tap a combination of button as they appear on the screen." I'd much much much rather just a simple FPS or even BIA but in space.... thats just me. I'm sure i'm not the only one but i'm also sure there are a lot more of you out there who do enjoy that kind of playing style.

User Info: Claptonvaughn

9 years ago#2
I'm with you.

What happened to good old fashioned playing? Instead of pressing a single button to have my character dodge a flying facehugger...um...why don't I just try to shoot it or sidestep?

It's because they're catering to kids who can't be asked to do a series of actions too often. Pressing buttons make them feel responsive and then they get to watch an automated cutscene where their character does something fancy and they can take credit for it.

*taps E button*


User Info: Warlypwnage

9 years ago#3
how do you mean? this is supposed to be like Clive Barkers Jericho? Isnt it a FPS with a few scripted action sequences? how can that be bad if its not overdone? I think i agree tho, i hope they let you show some skill other than just pressing buttons when prompted, ive been hating this more and more. God of war did it good but most games just seem to be using it as a short cut to letting you be good at a game, like Ninja Gaiden 2.

User Info: Claptonvaughn

9 years ago#4
how do you mean? this is supposed to be like Clive Barkers Jericho? Isnt it a FPS with a few scripted action sequences?

It probably won't have sequences as long as Jericho, but articles for this game have mentioned moments where you will be prompted to suddenly and quickly press a button to initiate some action.

My point is, why not just let us do the action with the normal controls we have available?

I can understand using those context-sensitive sequences for when you're trying to remove a facehugger that's already wrapped around you. I can't imagine how else we would "grab tail" and "pull off each individual leg" without button sequences. However I just hope this game isn't going to do it with combat that would otherwise be perfectly do-able with the standard controls.

User Info: xxVENOM

9 years ago#5
I can't imagine how else we would "grab tail" and "pull off each individual leg" without button sequences.

I can. It's called start panicing and mashing all of the buttons really fast (you know, the way something like that was handled before these lame button pressing sequences were invented). At least this way you feel like you have more control over the situation instead of just press a button and watch it all happen.

But I agree that the button pressing sequences appearing in all these games lately are really stupid. I think the capslock part of one of the previous posts pretty much sums it up. I've never played Jericho, but Tomb Raider Anniversary was horrible with that too. Half of the boss "fights" were just button sequences. And the ones that weren't still at times made you press one button to start a slow-mo dive and then another button to shoot a weak point or something like that. lame.

User Info: prolink47

9 years ago#6
maybe u just dont like change

User Info: Tiesto05

9 years ago#7

well take for example, your walking down a corridor and an alien suddenly pops out from an air vent and starts to pull you up into the ceiling and you need to press a seires of buttons to hold onto things so it doesn't drag you away. Similair to that in the demo of Jherico, when your falling down the well while being chased. If you don't press the correct buttons you fall to your death but if you do it correct you make it to the bottom and have to fight the guy chasing you.... it all takes out the fun for me. I'm just speaking for myself here now, i want no hud, nothing, thats what this game has! Makes it so much more real..... but now i have to press a series of buttons to jump up to hang on the ceiling grid, and shove a grenade in an air vent? Stupid.

Also, Sega has a hand in this, look at the recent Iron Man and let me know what you think. Because i don't like Sega at all anymore.

User Info: hot_rod_30

9 years ago#8
those button press event ecnes are starting to get to my nerves. its just annoying that theyre more and more common this days. Sega went down the drainpipe. It was my fav developer until the end of the dreamcast. now...well...lets say that the games done directly by sega are bellow average and the games made by companies bought by sega are stinking awful. i miss the sega from the old days.

User Info: Claptonvaughn

9 years ago#9
Resident Evil 4 has some terrible button sequences as well. Not to mention they're completely unrelated to the actual control scheme and they change sequence/buttons if you have to repeat them.

Did I mention the PC version didn't even have keyboard keys displayed on screen? instead they were simply "button 1, button 2" or something like that so not only did you have to press a key that wasn't related to the movement but you had to remember that the game refers to that as 1. Yeah it was THAT bad.

User Info: prolink47

9 years ago#10

i know u could keep doing till ur good at it

just a thought just a thought

would be to easy if u didnt have to hit buttons and get boring fast

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