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User Info: prolink47

8 years ago#1 and say the release is 6/1/09

is this true?

User Info: ash892005

8 years ago#2
been into Game today and they told me the release date is 27th of march 2009.

User Info: prolink47

8 years ago#3
i hope that is so

User Info: ikarop

8 years ago#4
They took the release date from the leaked list of releases for the xbox360. So we can hope that the PC release is way earlier.

Take that Xbox360 and PS3!

User Info: edubrules

8 years ago#5
there arent any images or videos, i think it is safe to say that this game will not come out for quite some time

User Info: THRRRPT

8 years ago#6
There are a few screens and, I believe, one video out there but they were released several months ago.

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