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User Info: princespawn

8 years ago#1
(Jan 7,2009; edited to show Aliens & other franchise & system;

Gearbox Software's hotly anticipated shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines will be out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in the first quarter of 2009, SEGA has confirmed.

The news puts paid to concerns over the development of the game following perceived lower than expected sales of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

Although SEGA was unable to clarify exactly what months Q1 2009 include when contacted by, it is expected to run from April to the end of June, the first three months of the Japanese company's financial year.

In November last year Gearbox president Randy Pitchford issued a statement to press confirming Aliens had not been canned following rumours that SEGA had cut the funding on the project.

The Aliens: Colonial Marines confirmation comes in an updated release schedule sent to media today by SEGA. It details a February release for House of the Dead: Overkill and spring release for The Conduit on Nintendo Wii, as well as a Q1 2009 release for Obsidian RPG Alpha Protocol.

The updated schedule in full:
March 2009 X360 Stormrise
Q1 2009 X360 Alpha Protocol
Q1 2009 PS3 Aliens: Colonial Marines
Q1 2009 X360 Aliens: Colonial Marines
Q1 2009 PC Aliens: Colonial Marines
(Jan 8,2009;
Bit hard not to be excited about Gearbox's new Aliens shooter. But how can we plan our excitement schedule if we don't know when the game's coming out?

A presser sent out by Sega Europe today has the game tentatively slated for a "Q1 2009" release. That's obviously not a calendar Q1, since then it'd be out before March, and is more likely to mean April-June, the first quarter of Sega Japan's financial year.

Not too long, then! Six months, at the most (KNOCKONWOOD).
(Mar 24,2009;

SEGA confirmed that its Gearbox-developed Aliens: Colonial Marines is still alive and kicking. As of January, the game was slated for the April-June window.

Last November, rumors swirled that Gearbox had dropped Aliens: Colonial Marines which Gearbox president Randy Pitchford dismissed.

In the late April issue of UK game magazine Powerstation, there's a teaser for the game. Make of it what you will.
article in GameInformer( April 2009)

Gamers have waited eagrly for Sega's duo of games based on the Aliens franchise, but now the company is changing gears. Fans will have another Aliens game to look forward to as Sega resurrects the Aliens vs Predator franchise that should hit store shelves in early 2010. Unfortunately, Sega also announced that Aliens: Colonial Marines (developed by Borderlands' Gearbox Software) has been delayed. Despite being just announced, Aliens vs Predator will come out before both Colonial Marines & the Obsidian-developed Aliens RPG.

Recently, rumors about the two previously announced titles being cancelled have circulated the web. Sega confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines is still going forward, but the company won't comment on the Aliens RPG. The delay of Colonial Marines might not be pushed back several times before selling in low numbers.

Aliens vs Predator (working title) is being developed by Rebellion, the studio that worked on the first Aliens vs Predator title back in 1999. Sega is saying little about the game at this point, although it seems like multiplayer will be a focus.
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