Why can't they just make another AVP

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User Info: bucky1o1

8 years ago#1
Why does it have to be "Aliens: Colonial Marines" I mean why do you have to play as a human. Come on I loved being the Alien in the solo game and online in AvP and AvP 2. If sega doesnt make one where you can select one of the races to be...I think sega will kill all of Alien games.

AVP3 would be a great if you could play as the Pred-Alien, and the Dog-Alien and with Aliens with acid blood that would kill you on contact, and of course playing as humans where you could have any weapon you like.

Now that would Revive Alien vs Predator saga

User Info: Claptonvaughn

8 years ago#2
Read the other threads. I think they are making another Alien VS Predator, along with this one.

However, the plans have changed a few times (doesn't help that various rumors exaggerated things, either) so I'm not sure what the exact word on the project is.

User Info: Cake_is_a_lie

8 years ago#3
Yeah they are making a new AVP, so you just be happy your getting this and a new AVP.
Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

User Info: Lichtschwert

8 years ago#4
The new AvP looks freakin' sweet! This does too, and it's Gear-BrothersInArms-Box doing it to boot! WOOT!
Great graphics do not a great game make.
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  3. Why can't they just make another AVP

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