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User Info: zephon911

8 years ago#1
Does anyone else think how great this game could be if it was similar in style to left 4 dead?

Sure, its probably copyright infringement of some sort but it would separate the game from the AvP series and make the game really fun i think:

Instead of infected you've got aliens - Easy mode would make the aliens seem a little weak but in hard mode, it would be a realistic version of the experiences of characters in the films. They could include drones and runners as the normal foes and facehuggers, Preatorian guards and even a queen as special foes etc.

There's a party of 4 marines - You could differentiate them by giving each one an extra something eg. one has the motion tracker, one can weld doors etc.

Your in constant danger of hordes - Anyone who's seen the film Aliens remembers the infamous scene where the marines temporary HQ gets overrun by a huge horde of aliens.

Your main objective above all would be to survive - Although im sure they could add in some more objectives to make a good story at the same time. As you progress through the game u would unlock chapters that u can replay over instead of simply having all the scenarios unlocked from the start.

Faceshuggers - They could pin a player down making allies have to remove the face hugger and save the victim similar to hunters from Left 4 Dead.

Gestating - In The Event a Facehugger isn't removed in time, an egg would be placed inside the player, after a random interval this would cause the death of the player and spawn a chest burster leaving players with the choice of killing the infected person or letting them get the most out of the limited time they have left.

Young Queens - They could be the equivalent of Tanks, powerful and resilient to damage.

Variety of marine weapons - Pistols, Pulse Rifle, smartgun, deploy-able sentry guns (instead of grenades) that each player can only hold a maximum of one of.

Acid Blood - The Aliens acid blood creates an interesting problem, do you fire on an alien close to your team mate to save him and risk the acid injuring him or do you run to his aide and try to push the alien away.

The Queen - Near The End of the storyline there would be a climatic battle, bigger than the usual climatic battles of other chapters, this would include facing down a hive's Queen.

The Marines - At the Start of the game you can choose from the preset 4 players or you could choose to make a custom Marine, allowing you to change the uniform, face, skin, hair etc.

Capture - In early parts of the game you could rescue other marines to replace missing teammates (similar to closets) later in the game things that would be a little more difficult, instead of simply finding them on the route (more or less) you would have to go out of your way to rescued Captured marines who are webbed up and ready for implantation. If you don't reach a victim before a set period of time after they spawn the player would be facehugged and their minutes would be numbered.

What does everyone else think of this idea? Im sure others could think of some cool other features or improvements to the idea.
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