My Monday Night with Aliens

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User Info: Brian972

4 years ago#1
Monday: I go to work, eagerly anticipating the release of this game after so many years of loving the movie. I tell my hispanic co-worker about the Aliens game I'm getting later, he thought I said 'illegal aliens" and signed right up.
Later at lunch we sat down to meatloaf and cornbread with a few friends. One of the girls got sick and had to run to the restroom. My friend said she didn't like the cornbread either.
About to leave work and getting frustrated because deadlines keep creeping up, I go up to my boss and ask how can I get out of this chicken sh** outfit.

Monday Night: At the store I'm eager to get my hands on the box to run home and install! When suddenly the manager begins to have difficulty ringing us up. The newer female associate comes behind him and opens another register to speed us along. I yell, 'why don't you put her in charge?!"
I get home and to my chagrin I find a mess on the floor left from my dogs. My fiance says it wasn't them, I reply 'how can that be, that's inside the room?!"
I start playing the game while watching the movie and as sleepiness starts to fade in, I catch myself lobbing grenades at fellow teammates, dry-firing my M41A and dancing around like a madman. My fiance comes in the office, shuts off the PC and looks me straight in the face telling me 'Game over man, game over.'
I'll be honest: 2% milk is delicious and the chinese can't be trusted.

User Info: Cade6669

4 years ago#2
Sounds like a nice day.
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