Survival mode changed to Bug hunt as DLC

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User Info: USF

4 years ago#31
Harvest4 posted...
DLC is one of the worst things to happen to gaming. Console's and their crappy inability to be modded are the culprit. What ever happened to expansion packs that were genuinely new contributions to games? DLC should be what they've always been. Free patches to the games!

Amen brother.
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User Info: JPController

4 years ago#32
AVP 2010 again anyone?
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User Info: Nekriist

4 years ago#33
Aside from being just a vile thing to do (I don't care whether you want to blame Gearbox or Sega. It's vile either way), that's the proverbial bullet in the back of the head to this game. The game is already garnering bad press and opinions regarding what's already in the game. That's already going to turn away alot of potential gamers. But that still leaves the possibility of a small, die-hard online community, right?

This is exactly what Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine had going for it. Not a whole lot of interest outside of real 40k fans, but enough people to groom a small die-hard community. At least least THQ gave us the horde mode for that game as free DLC. But that isn't my point. My point is that they did end up selling other game modes as paid DLC. You know what that did? Split the community, small as it was in half. Less people could play together because of things like that, in a game that was ultimately average to mediocre (Unfortunately) at best. And that ended up happening fairly quickly. I haven't played Space Marine in a couple months now, but last time I did, finding a game took forever because there simply weren't people anymore.
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